December 17, 2008


We came upon Lil Frankie's quite by accident the other night when Momofoku was too crowded (we're going there soon, don't worry). It looked so cozy and smelled delicious and the price was right., so we decided to give it a try. While we waited by the bar for our table we ordered a round of beers. Amy and I had the cream stout on tap, and though I don't know what it was, I would suggest it (a lot of help, I know). After about 20 minutes, we were seated by the kitchen (or the one that makes the pasta, anyway), which luckily wasn't too loud or ridiculously hot.

We decided to order a couple of pies and share, the choices being the Pizza Margherita ($10) and the Pizza Polpettine ($11) which was topped with baby meatballs, tomato, mozzarella, and sage (although they used Italian parsley the night we went). Amy and I also ordered a side of Spinach al Forno ($5.25), although the two pizza were enough for the three of us.

The pizzas, which came out really quick, were cooked in a wood-burning oven, and were pretty freaking delicious. Not the best pizza I've tried in New York--that would be quite the feat-- but nothing to shake your head at. The dough had a nice chew, the ingredients were fresh and quality. The little meatballs were tasty and adoreable. The spinach was really good, kind of like a fresher creamed spinach with a nice crust of parmesean cheese on top.

I would recommend Frankie's from what I tasted for sure, especially if you're looking for some late night dish, since they are open until 4 AM on the weekends. -Laurel

Lil' Frankie's was quite the find, especially considering we struck out twice with Momofuku Noodle and Tuck Shop, which were both overcrowded. And considering we were panged (pung?) with hunger and pretty much broke (after all it's the holidays, and I just bought myself some clothes...I mean, starving children presents).

This restaurant was a little crowded as well, but we got in fairly quickly. We ordered a round of beers (I didn't particularly care for the wheat beer, but I'm not that much of a beer person), and I just got a simple Paulaner. Either way, while we were standing there waiting for a 3-person table, I realized that sticking out the short 15-20 minute wait is worth it - if you have only 2 people in your party. I say this because as we were standing there, a 2-person table became available, and they went through FIVE sets of names before they found someone that hadn't left. And while that sounds like people had waited a long time, that's not true. We had been there when there was only 2 people on the waiting list before us and they were both parties of 2. So I know 15-20 minutes sounds like a lot, but really - this place moves fast.

So fast in fact, that by the time that it took for us to get a table (took much longer for us, pays to have a significant other and that's it, I guess), as soon as we ordered, literally 5 minutes later, the pizzas were on the table. I must admit, either I was in a little bit of a tipsy haze (beer does that to me, that's why I don't drink it) or it was just really dark in there so maybe I just lost my sense of time, but it was like magic. POOF. And the pizza was DELICIOUS, but as my counterpart said, wasn't the best in NY. The pizza was made well and the dough was soft, and the sauce just right. The meatballs were a tad spicy (Thatza spicy meat-ball!) but we figured that's why they were so tiny - so they didn't overpower the pizza. That sage/parsley was weird, so I just picked it off, but I'm sure it would have tasted okay. And I can't eat you go! Eat here. That is all. - Jennifer

Address: 19 First Ave (btwn 1st and 2nd St)

Payment: Cash Only

Delivery: Yes

Open Late: Totes, Sun-Thurs, 2am / Fri-Sat, 4am

Bar/Happy Hour: Full Bar

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Mike said...

There are so many good spots in the East Village... thanks for the update! I always add your reviews to my "places to go" list.

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