January 13, 2009

Neptune Diner

We picked up Laurel from the airport and she automatically said 'You guys hungry?' I had just eaten waffles, but of course I have a mental problem where I must always stuff food in my mouth, so I was down for some more grub. I remembered the Neptune Diner because as Laurel said, it's famous, and because Dan had wanted to go there the other day (shout-out to Dan).

Even though I had already had waffles, I opted for french toast and bacon. The bacon was crispy and not too soggy which is rare to find at a diner. The french toast was amazing. It was an egg coated thick cut toast (the way french toast is SUPPOSED to be) fried to a crispness on the outside and a softness on the inside, and like the bacon, not too soggy. It tasted just like the way my dad used to make it.

Only complaint would be that the owners/servers were way too curt. I'm just not into that. Granted, I'm used to it at diners in New York, but it doesn't mean that I like it. However, I will say that Brett getting yelled at for having his feet in the seat was pretty much hilarious.

I would say that if I lived closer to the Neptune Diner, I would go there all the time. Too bad it's a little too far from my house. - Jennifer

PS - I just remembered that I'm pretty sure they had octopus on the menu.

Neptune Diner is rumored to be the best diner in Queens, and we ended up there because 1. Jennifer suggested it, and 2. it had parking and we were in a car. Upon walking inside you are greeted by an unappetizing fish case on your left, a long counter and lots of booth seating. The service was hasty and Brett was scolded for putting his feet up (again), but in a way you expect that from a diner. Diners are not where you go to be coddled.

The menu is classically ridiculously big. Pages are filled with sandwiches, salads, soups, egg dishes, Greek dishes, hot plates, french toast, drinks, milkshakes, and more. Pretty much anything you can think of (so don't take someone who is notoriously bad at making up their mind). In our true fashion, Jennifer and I ordered breakfast-- I the blueberry pancakes (above) and she the french toast (below). Brett got a milkshake and said it was okay. My pancakes were nice and fluffy, and the large helping of blueberries was nice, but it was really just blueberry pie filling tucked inside. I would have much preferred frozen or fresh blueberries inside the actual batter. I think overall it was too sweet, and just not as good as I had hoped.

I would be willing to try Neptune again and order something different. If you're craving classical diner grub and are in the area, it's worth a try. -Laurel

Address: 3105 Astoria Blvd, Astoria (Queens)

Payment: Cash or Card

Delivery: Yes

Open Late: Yes

Bar/Happy Hour: Full bar

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Matt said...

having to stuff food in your mouth is not a mental problem, it's one of life's joys.

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