June 22, 2010

No. 7

(Photos by Davis Cox)

In the past, I’ve always been fond of dive bars. But lately, as I don’t want to meet a dude who’s crashing on his pal’s couch and smoking a ton of weed in lieu of say, working and I’m going more for an employed guy who wears clothes without holes in them and has well-kempt hair, I am also going for a bar that doesn’t smell and looks nice. I guess as my taste changes in men, so does my taste in bars.

No. 7 in Fort Greene is the perfect place to go for a nice hybrid of non-divey, non-yuppie vibe, complete with laid back dining and drinking. The dimly lit dining spot is, dare I say, handsome, with a long bar leading into a few large bar tables and some quieter tables in the back. They have a small menu, that changes with the seasons, but always includes their famous fried broccoli (broccoli deep-fried, stuffed with cheese and served with slices of grapefruit and onions) – a crowd favorite among my friends. They always give bread, amazing pickles (everyone who hates pickles loves these), and white bean dip (creamy, tastes a bit like cheese). They rotate out different types of sandwiches on their bar menu and larger meals and appetizers on their table menu, always including some sort of tofu concoction, as well as some asian fusion and heartier options, like their chicken fried steak sandwich (below - it’s the BOMB, but unfortunately was taken off the menu for a while. I’m praying steadily for its return).

Their drink menu rotates as well, and my favorite one was taken off last I checked (was my lucky number - 21), but yet again, praying for its return. They have a nice wine selection, and the bartenders are knowledgeable. However, I ignored their suggestions and picked the bottle I liked the most and fell in love with a wine that cost $11 a glass (I discovered later an entire bottle is only $12 from Astor Wine & Spirits, but it doesn’t stop me from getting it on occasion anyway).

Now – the service. I absolutely love all of the wait staff in the back, they’re always helpful and nice. But as a warning, if you want to sit down, get there early. If you want to drink only…get there early. They are always quite busy.

BTW, you might remember my writing partner mentioning No. 7 in her TONY interview (that’s right, Laurel, I’m bringing it up) back in February. This is the perfect place to take her on a date, just don’t do it on a Friday or Saturday night because it’s so crowded it’s almost hard to breathe (also because she’s probably hanging out with me!). - Jennifer

Since the theme of this post seems to be dating, then yes. Take me here on a date. If you don't, I might be here anyway, having a cocktail and eating bread and cheese. YOUR LOSS.

If you didn't know No. 7 was there, you would likely pass it by. It sits behind a subway entrance, and the facade is painted black and dimly lit. The front has a small sitting area with couches in the window, and the bar lining the left wall and proper seating beyond. It feels dignified, but inviting and relaxed at the same time. The crowd ranges in age (but no kids/strollers during my experiences, which is a plus in my book), with an overall neighborhood-y feel.

The menu is small, but big enough for options, and changes slightly with the season. Be sure to order a cocktail, and ask for a bar menu. You can order from it anytime without being at the bar, but they don't provide the menu unless you request it. It has roughly half a dozen more options, all smaller plates but very affordable. My favorite items are the plate of free bread, dip and fresh pickles, and the fried broccoli. The fries (below) are also good, and a hefty portion to share.

Jennifer covered it pretty well (it can get crowded), so I'll leave it at that. Try it out! And take us with you! -Laurel

Address: 7 Greene Avenue at Fulton Street (Fort Greene, Brooklyn)

Website: No7Restaurant.com

Payment: Cash, Credit

Delivery: No

Open Late:
'Til 2am

Large Group Friendly:
Not gigantic, but can accommodate large groups

Bar/Happy Hour:
Full Bar, Wonderful cocktails

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