August 16, 2010

Dumbo General Store (with Guest Reviewer Davis)

I've been working in Dumbo for the past 2+ years, and yet in all that time I think I've only headed out for an actual honest-to-god lunch break a just handful of times. The Dumbo General Store is a place I always mean to check out more often and rarely do, so I couldn't wait to give it a shot when Jen asked if I wanted to grab a bite for lunch last week.

Taking a seat at the huge community-style bench seats in the middle of the room, we started off with a cup of french pressed coffee and took our time checking out the menu - both the printed ones in our hands and the floor-to-ceiling chalked version that included the day's specials. Since the General Store prides itself on serving breakfast all day, I opted for one of the day's specials: an egg scramble with tomato, basil, onion and prosciutto with side salad and toast for $9.

The scramble was pretty tasty, with the basil and prosciutto adding quite a bit of flavor to the dish, and the grilled toast adding a much-needed crunch. While the I joked that the side salad (which took up nearly half the plate) was more of a "mostly salad," it was probably one of the most satisfying lunches I've had in the neighborhood. A great after-work spot for a drink, I'm going to have to start working the General Store into my rotation of go-to lunch spots more often. - Davis

I've recently entered into the working-on-weekends-only territory (is that a real thing?), which is awesome because I can have lunch with friends who have "real" jobs (you know, health benefits, 401k, crap like that).

The downside is no more brunch, which means no more of Superfine's breakfast burrito (my fave). Therefore, I decided to try out Dumbo General Store's version, because they serve breakfast all day every day (which is an automatic win in my book). Luckily, the breakfast burrito here puts up a good fight against Superfine's. Layered with scrambled eggs, guac, black beans and cheddar cheese, with fresh pico de gallo on the side, this burrito is simple but flavorful and fresh, and only being $7.95 isn't too shabby either. I will admit that I still enjoy Superfine's burrito more, but I'm interested to return to the General Store to enjoy more of their food. I went here the other day for a drink and the beer was so, so cheap. Definitely recommend their happy hour too!

As for the atmosphere, it's quaint and laid back. The servers are nice and attentive, but not overbearing, and as far as I can tell know the regulars pretty well (which gives it a homey feel). Will definitely return for more lunchtime eats.  - Jennifer

Address: 111 Front St between Adams St & Manhattan Bridge (DUMBO, Brooklyn)

Payment: Cash Only

Delivery: yup

Open Late: til 1am on the weekends, 12am sundays and 11pm tues-thurs

Large Group Friendly: yes!

Bar/Happy Hour: AWESOME happy hour, 5pm-close - $3 Brooklyn and cheap wine/liquor deals - definitely good for after work drinks

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Amy B. said...

Sounds good to me. I would love to give the place a visit except i live half the globe away from New York. UGH!

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