January 14, 2008


Orignally on the Upper East Side and now in the Hell's Kitchen area, Vynl has the artistic expression and awesome music of a local record shop mixed with fantastic brunch, a friendly staff, and themed bathrooms. That's right, you can empty your bladder with your choice of Elvis, Dolly, Cher, and Nelly (yes, "Country Grammar" Nelly). And not only are there murals and action figures, but their music plays while you wee wee.

In the Upper East Side location, I hear there is also an Elton John bathroom (which is pretty ironic if I do say so myself). I'm definitely going to have to make a trip up there and check it out.

Either way, from the disco ball adorning the ceiling and the LPs as menus, to delicious food and excellent service, I was all together impressed by Vynl. It's definitely a New York original, and well worth stopping by! In fact, you'll probably see us in there someday soon. - Jennifer

I am a total sucker for brunch--I love everything about it. The foods (the best of breakfast and lunch), the time eaten (don't have to get up early), the drinks that go with it (mimosas and smoothies). And Vynl was pretty excellent brunch. Jennifer and I shared two dishes: "make your own omelet" that came with toast and hashbrowns, and the brioche french toast with cooked apples and caramel sauce. They were reasonably priced at about $8 each, and plenty of food. The omelet was fluffy and generously filled, and the french toast was just plain tasty. The service was also very attentive.

I'd suggest
Vynl for brunch or breakfast (served all day) to anyone who loves brunch as I do, and/or likes popular music kitsch. It's a nice blending of both worlds. -Laurel

Address: 754 9th Ave (at 51st Street) or 3 other locations--see website.

Payment: credit, cash

Take Out: no

Open Late: 1:ooam on weekends

Delivery: no

Large Group Friendly: Yes

Bar/Happy Hour: bar: yes, with occasional drink specials.

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Amy said...

Thanks for showing off this great restaurant. So much fun and I am getting that French toast next time! Yum!

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