January 17, 2008

F&B gudtfood

I was willing to at least try a place called "Gudtfood."

The small chain (two locations so far) sells European-style street food--hot dogs, fries, fish and chips, Swedish meatballs, etc. The hot dogs come in several different varieties: beef, pork, chicken, and several veggie dog variations. You also have choices on fries: classic, sweet potato, cheese fries, onion rings, and more. Fare is pretty cheap, with hot dogs running at $3.50 and combos running at $7.25.

Seating is limited to fixed stools at counter space along two walls (at the Chelsea location). Service is done at the counter and was quick and friendly. It lends itself more to take-out than eat-in, and most customers choose accordingly.

We agreed the hot dogs, in their many variations, were so-so. Although they came in interesting incarnations, they were no better than a $2 dog off the street. The sweet potato fries and onion rings were tasty, as were these yummy little things called beignets. They were 3 for a dollar, about the size of a biscuit, and made fresh upon command. They were nothing more than fried balls of dough with raspberry sauce drizzled over, but they were warm and fairly delicious.

With good prices and some tasty fair,
F & B Gudtfood is a reasonable choice for a guilty snack any day, but not for a satisfying meal. -Laurel

I first saw this place when I was next door at Trailer Park, drunk. It looked like worth a try - cheap food, clean, potentially greasy. Unfortunately, I wasn't a huge fan. I'm not a vegetarian, obviously, but I do enjoy veggie dogs, and this place simply didn't cut it. I got a veggie dog with slaw, mustard, and relish - the "Nashville" at Hot Diggity Dog...in Nashville. HDD is much, much better.

However, Gudtfood's strawberry lemonade was delicious and their onion rings were like Burger King's, which are good and greasy. I don't know if I'll eat there again, but I might if I'm drunk enough, mainly because they have fish and chips, and I'm always a sucker for those. -Jennifer

Address: 150 E 52nd St & 3rd, OR 23rd & 8th Ave.

Payment: credit, cash

Take Out: yes

Open Late: sorta. 11:30

Delivery: yes, and catering

Large Group Friendly: not really

Bar/Happy Hour: beer, but no bar/happy hour

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daefwan said...

fish and chips yummy

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