May 26, 2008

Perch w/ Guest Reviewer David

The Perch Café is a nice little eatery nestled along Brooklyn’s Fifth Avenue, a hotspot for pubs and brunch. Despite the bright red theme, the décor is as unassuming as eateries come in Park Slope, with plenty of seating (tables in the front, a diner counter in the midsection, and a lovely garden patio) and a warm, tender atmosphere – the perfect Sunday brunch atmosphere. We opted to sit outdoors, but there was no room at the inn when we arrived, so we sat in the comfy lounge area behind the diner counter chit-chatting. Within minutes, a table opened up and we were seated at an umbrella-shaded patio table.

The Bird in a Nest (Perch’s name for eggies in a basket) came with two slices of bacon, and while quite tasty and crisp, was not as hearty as I was hoping for. The bread was a simple slice of white which could have been better replaced by a slice of sour dough or ciabatta to make the meal more substantial. To supplement, I ordered the croissant with strawberry preserves, which was everything that it should be – crisp, light, buttery and flaky. If I had not been so famished, the meal would have been absolutely wonderful, but it seemed to me that the Egg & Chicken Apple Sausage Sandwich that Laurel ordered (of which I sampled, and it was delicious) was the better value of the two.

Before ordering I had been considering the Huevos Rancheros, and after finishing my light breakfast, I unfortunately noticed a patron with a ravenous appetite quickly consuming said order. The sight of this made my sense of fulfillment completely wilt. It looked so good that I almost walked over to ask for a bite.

The wait staff was quite courteous and friendly - and not the kind of fake, snobby friendly that you see so often in NYC. They were also attentive and quick, which is a big plus in this town.Overall, The Perch Café is a great place to have a relaxing mid-day meal with some friends, but if you’re especially hungry, make sure to order something that’s obviously going to be thick and hearty. -David

Perch is a delightful place. Now, there are many factors that go into me saying that: the weather was beautiful and we sat outside. I was hungry for tasty brunch and that's exactly what I got. The service was friendly and two waitress complimented my attire (I'm easily pleased by such things).

To elaborate, the cafe is cozy with a few tables, a couple of couches in the back, and bar seating with a some pretty cakes and goodies along the bar. The decor is fun, with their iconic white bird on a red background popping up throughout the restaurant. There is a good amount of additional seating out back (where we sat), each table covered by a large yellow umbrella. The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff is cheerful.

The menu ranged (this being a Sunday early afternoon) from breakfast choices--french toast, egg dishes, breakfast sandwiches, granola--to lunch fare--sandwiches, salads, soups, etc. They also offer dinner options and appetizers. Perch serves up some classic dishes, but with some nice touches: a roasted pear salad with candied walnuts, a BLT with mesclun on rosemary focaccia. Prices range from $1.75 for a bagel, 4.50 for a cup of soup, and up to $12 for a full dinner.

I ordered, as David mentioned, an egg and chicken apple sausage sandwich. This was, quite possibly, the best breakfast sandwich I have ever had. It costs $7 and includes a generous portion of split chicken sausage, a piece of 3-egg frittata, melted white cheddar, and some homemade bread. All of this was sandwiched together and grilled like a panini (see picture). It was a fairly large sandwich and totally delicious. Amy ordered their house french toast, made with the same bread and sanwiched with strawberry preserves, which was heartedly approved.

I would like to come back here on a nice day for brunch or lunch and sit outside. I'd also like to come here and try it out as a bar. FYI: check out their website and see the events calendar for lots things going on all week long. -Laurel

Address: 365 5th Ave (near 5th Street), Park Slope, Brooklyn


Payment: Cash, Cards

Take Out: Yes

Open Late: Yes, 1:00 AM on the weekend

Delivery: Yes
Large Group Friendly: Yes, fairly.

Bar/Happy Hour: Yes (bar)

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Amy said...

Don't forget the Ginger Mint Lemonade! It was delicious. The tartness perfectly balanced the sweetness of the French toast.

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