May 19, 2008

Roberta's Pizza

Okay, so I didn't get any pictures of the food. But there's a reason - we ate it so quickly, I completely forgot. Also, the first time we went to Roberta's, Laurel and I had a little adventure beforehand. First, we went to a bar in Carroll Gardens called Sample This, which we'll have to write about later because I think we're in love with it. Either way, when we finally tried to get to Roberta's, we had to take a cab because Carroll Gardens is about three trains from Bushwick.

Unfortunately, however, the cabbie didn't have GPS and we were lost, oh, I don't know, forever? And he pulled over three separate times to look at a map, costing me $10 more than it should have. By the time we got to a street we vaguely recognized, I ended up throwing $20 at him and jumping out, resulting in us being in the middle of nowhere. I asked a car at a stoplight which way to go, and the driver (he was black and kidding, sort of) said "Towards the white people." I laughed wholeheartedly, and Laurel waved at them. We then walked FOREVER and then finally ended up in the middle of nowhere eating margherita pizza and drinking wine Amanda brought. To be honest, I still have no idea how to get there...

Because the second time proved much more lucky - Brett drove. However, I did realize it takes at least 3 trains to get to this place unless you're in Manhattan near an L. However, the pizza is really tasty and I was glad we made it. I made my own pizza - pesto, artichoke and ricotta and it was delicious, although I wanted feta and pesto sauce rather than just basil leaves, but that's okay. Also, I will say the waiter (although totally hot) is either pretty inattentive or completely awkward. He always seems to have every single table in the joint and doesn't know whether he's coming or going. The first experience with him, I let him finish our wine, but the second I almost ran into him when he finally came to our table to give me a box to take home my pizza (which by the way, the portions aren't that big, I was just full from my BYOB). - Jennifer

Indeed, it was quite the adventure finding this place. When we FINALLY reached our destination, we walked right past it because we had no idea it was a place of business, let alone a pizza joint. It's definitely tucked away, but still manages to stay busy.

I can't say I was in the best state of mind to accurately judge the pizza itself, but I do remember it being pretty delicious. I'm a sucker for good margherita pizza, and this was good-- fresh sauce, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil. The portion was a little small, however, and a bit pricey as far as pizza goes (aren't pizza and ice cream supposed to have the highest profit margins, other than McDonalds fries?). But I am definitely willing to go back, as I am a true lover of pizza. I'd especially go back if I had a ride (Brett? eh?).

I would suggest this place if you are craving some good pizza, interesting and fresh toppings, are willing to spend a little more on said pizza, and have some time to spare and a walking buddy. -Laurel

Address: 261 Moore Street, Brooklyn (Bushwick)


Payment: Cash only

Take Out: yes

Open Late: yes

Delivery: yes

Large Group Friendly: Yes

Bar/Happy Hour: BYOB


Anonymous said...

It takes two trains: the G from Carol Gardens to Metropolitan Ave, transfered to the L and taken it to Morgan and walked a block.

Laurel said...

thanks, hop stop.

however, doesn't work that way when it's a weekend and the trains are not running normally.

Anonymous said...

roberta's is lovely. the millenium falco changed my life.

while taking the train from carol gardens may only involve 2-3 trains (depending on how fucked the G is that particular time of day), it still takes around an hour. i'm pretty sure that qualifies as a pain in the ass.

jennifer said...

also it takes 3 trains from Laurel's house in bklyn and 2-4 from my house in Astoria (all depending on the G, which yet again, was not running normally that night). but you win in regards to carroll gardens, it only takes 2...instead of 3. my bad.

ditzy gluttons

Anonymous said...

get a bike

Jonathan said...

I think the main beef (hehe's a food blog...and a euphemism for a dude's wang) we're dealing with here is transportation. Sounds to me that our two bloggers were quite complimentary towards the food. They were in a hurry. Maybe a little tipsy, and that's it.

I mean, in this case, isn't what you're arguing about, comparable to complaining about the lighting in a porno? A little superfluous.

Sounds like the two bloggers were writing a fair and balanced assessment on the FOOD of this restaurant. That's good enough for me. I'd go if I had the chance. I might swim across the Hudson to get there.

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