October 10, 2008

Angelo's Pizza (with guest reviewer Matt Litman)

First things first. Take serious look at that pizza and tell me it's not good. They don't call it fat people porn for nothing.

When you're looking for good pizza I think geography must play a factor. If you're from Chicago you will favor the deep dish. New Yorkers like their "New York" style pizza, and if you're lucky and from Italy, thin crust and fresh ingredients conquer all. If you're from Knoxville and stuck with the unlucky decision between the $5-$5-$5 deal from Domino's or Papa Johns drowned in a butter dipping sauce then I guess anything that signifies New York will do just fine. Midtown New York normally does not get much in the way of recognition when it comes to pizza, but two relative powerhouses still remain - John's and Angelo's.

Friday we took a visiting co-worker from Knoxville out to Angelo's - Better known as the coal-oven joint famously attached to the hip of Letterman's Studio on Broadway. Today's Angelo's is probably a far cry from what put it "on the map" but it still a pretty good pie. Between 5 of us we got two large pies, one pepperoni and one sausage...sometimes it's good to eat with a bunch of porkaholics. For the first couple bites you'll need a fork and knife to deal with initial entry thanks to the piping hot delivery, stringy cheese and flimsy pointed end. After that, put down the fork and knife and dig in.

Angelo's is a good pizza. It's one of those pies that you can relate to the good old college days in the sense that you were drunk and before you know it you've just housed the entire $5 large pie. The difference this time is that you're older, sober and the pie costs $17.50. The will to eat the whole thing is still there.

Now, for what we all came here for - From order to delivery took about 15 to 20 minutes. From delivery to leaving nothing in sight takes another 5 minutes. The sauce is mild and the cheese is fresh, but not over powering...just enough to leave that much anticipated string from the pan to the plate. All this gives way to what I thought was the surprise of the pie itself - the sweet and soft crust. It's not too thick and not too thin...like Naan bread compared to a tortilla wrap or pita. The crumbled sweet Italian sausage was spot on, but sparing. The little pepperoni discs were great as well and they were a little more liberal with their application leaving for another greasy pie. All in all, I'd go back. And if it were a rainy day, I'd order in. -Matt

I can't say I have all that much to add to Matt's thorough review [his views on overweight individuals' sexual preferences are not necessarily those of the blog], but let me lay it out plain and simple. It's coal oven, which is a good thing. The pizza is good--not the very best I've ever had, but nothing to shake your head at. Definitely satisfies that pizza craving, and the prices are on par with Lombardi's and Grimaldi's (kinda high, but the norm for coal oven). It's in midtown, a quality pizza wasteland. And they have tons of seating, which is always rare around these parts.

We went around 1:30 and were immediately seated. Service was prompt and our pizza came out quick and hot. Two large pizzas was just right for five hungrys, and we all left happy, albeit without any Letterman spottings. I'd recommend this place if you're looking for coal oven pizza in midtown and don't mind paying the price. The crowd is mostly tourists, but it's still especially good if you have a group! -Laurel
Address: 1697 Broadway near 54th St (with two other locations)

Payment: Cash & Cards

Take Out: Yes

Delivery: Yes

Open Late: Midnight on the weekend

Large Group Friendly: Yes

Bar/Happy Hour: Yes


jennifer said...

oh shit, i just realized that when i worked on 57th street, we ordered there a couple of times, probably because everyone used to work/intern for letterman so they knew the joint.

right on - from what i can remember, it's pretty damn good.

thanks matt for co-reviewing.

Laurel said...

p.s. We set out to go to the 57th street location, and Matt claimed there wasn't one there, that it was "the place underneath Letterman," so that's where we ended up. Apparently they have three locations, one being on 57th! I wasn't crazy (this one time)!

jennifer said...


ok - i was thinking it was across the street from my old building but after reading this i thought i was crazy.

yeah, i'ts right across from the carnegie hall

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