October 19, 2008

Dogmatic Gourmet Sausage System

Dogmatic Gourmet Sausage System.. quite a mouthful isn't it? (pun intended) This newly opened storefront, lovingly referred to as simply Dogmatic, was formerly a street cart I'm ashamed to say I never visited. The new space is located right off of Union Square and is small and modern. The storefront is all glass, and the seating consists of a communal table in the middle with pull-out attached stools, and some seating on one side up against the wall (not big group friendly). When David and I went on a Thursday night they weren't busy, and we had no problem finding seats and our food came out pretty quickly.

The concept is fresh, locally made sausages (chicken, pork, beef, turkey) in little baguettes with your choice of "topping." They skewer the baguettes on these hot pokers, squirt in your sauce, and slide in the sausage-- and ta da! a fancy hot dog. The small-ish menu includes these variations of sausages, several fillings (see below, plus some), chips, ice cream, and various handmade sodas.

I ordered a turkey sausage with chimichurri sauce, David ordered a pork sausage with horseradish mustard, and we ordered an asparagus (as the menu says, "not a sausage") with truffle gruyere to share (each $4.50), along with a homemade grape soda ($2.50). The turkey sausage was tasty, but somewhat overpowered by the chimichurri.. albeit the chimichurri was yummy and fresh-tasting, if you like that sort of thing. The baguette was crusty and very good. I had a bite of David's, but mostly got the mustard--which was good, but there was too much of it. The asparagas was lightly grilled, but the star was the truffle gruyere sauce. The soda was creamy and, honestly, a little medicinal tasting. I kind of liked it, but David wasn't a big fan.

My advice is to try it if: you like sausage (shame on you if you are a meat eater and you don't), you like baguettes, and you don't mind paying $4.50 a pop for some good quality. One isn't quite enough, so if you're ravenous go for two, if you're with someone share a second one, or order some chips or ice cream to accompany. And please, try the truffle gruyere, but word to the wise: let it sit a moment, and eat with caution. Hot cheese may come shooting out when you least expect it! -Laurel

26 E 17th St (near Union Square)

Website: http://eatdogmatic.com/

Payment: cash or credit

Take Out: yes

Delivery: don't think so

Open Late: I'm not sure and I can't find it anywhere online. Sorry folks, I've failed you

Bar/Happy Hour:
No alcohol, just homemade sodas.


dontstaylong said...

hot damn this sounds amazing

Marisa said...
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Marisa said...

Check all all the deliciousness at www.eatdogmatic.com

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