May 7, 2009

Brown Betty

Brown Betty is literally visible from the windows of our apartment, so it's surprising how long it took me to visit (about 6 months after I moved in). I've been a couple of times since and was satisfied with each visit.

The space is tiny. As in, about 3 tables very close to each other and a couple of stools.. and you're still going to run into each other. It's cozy and has a nice feel, but can be too cramped. They add a bit more seating under an umbrella outside when the weather is nice. The service is friendly but a little inconsistent. The guy usually working is very nice and your food comes in a reasonable amount of time, but sometimes things are forgotten and it's not overly attentive. But nothing to dissuade me or ruin an experience.

I've had the Eggs Any Style (2 eggs, fried in my case, grits and toast), I think it was about $6. The eggs were perfectly cooked and the grits were as well. Nothing fancy, but well executed. I've also had the lemon waffles with chicken sausage (above). It's a bit pricey at $12ish, but the waffles are so good. Lightly lemony with caramelized bananas. Except that the pic above is from Jennifer and apparently they didn't give her bananas. LAME. The sausage is good but almost too salty.

All-in-all a solid little brunch spot. Prices are standard and the coffee is good. It's a fun place to relax if you can snag a spot, since it is so cozy and very neighborhoody. I think they have an $18 prix fixe dinner menu-- I will report back once we walk our asses the 10 steps it takes to get there and try it. -Laurel

Two people work at Brown Betty. The cook, who is nice but a little curt, and the waiter, who is nice, but a little all over the place. Every time I went, one of us would order something, but he would deliver it to someone else. The second time I went with my parents, and he asked where I was from. I said across the street, but my parents are from Tennessee. When I left, he made some comment along the lines of "Have fun in Tennessee!" to me. Let's just say, very friendly, but definitely a space cadet.

The first time I went with Laurel, I got the two eggs with grits. The eggs came out just right, granted I got them scrambled, but they weren't overdone or underdone. The grits and bacon were good as well. When I went with my parents, I tried the Lemon Waffles. As Laurel mentioned, they forgot my caramelized bananas. They also forgot my father's side order of bacon. However, upon mentioning both, the waiter happily brought it out. Otherwise, the Lemon Waffles are delicious, and if anything, a reason to go. The chicken apple sausage, however, has a slightly odd flavor, and is a little tough, but I still enjoyed it. My mother was really impressed by their salmon croquettes. An odd choice, but she was feeling quite adventurous during that visit. 

This is definitely a local spot. And everyone in there seemed to really want the jerk chicken, although it was 86'd on that particular visit. Definitely worth a visit if you have a chance to come out to Clinton Hill. If you do, come get us and we'll go with you. - Jennifer


Payment: cash only

Delivery: no

Open Late: no

Large Group Friendly: no

Bar/Happy Hour: no

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