April 29, 2009


We went to Loulou for Easter brunch and they happily accepted our reservation for seven about 30 minutes before the fact. The interior was small-ish and homey, with another small outdoor space in the back. We opted for inside since the wind was crazy.. think moving to Oz crazy.

The options were pretty standard for brunch but with a French twist. Per usual, Jennifer and I ordered a savory item and a sweet item and split. This time it was the French Toast, which came with some fruit and nuts and syrup, and the French Burrito, which was a crepe stuffed with egg, chorizo, and veggies. The french toast was solid, reasonably fluffy and the fruit was a nice touch. But during our many brunch excursions, I've had better. It was not melt-in-your-mouth, melt-in-my-shoes good.

The burrito was interesting, and pretty tasty. It was a hefty portion, more than enough for one, and the balance of the burrito, potatoes and salad was nice. Like most things, it could have used more chorizo. Overall, the prices were standard for a NY brunch.

The service was attentive, and refilled our coffees pretty often. Although he only refilled half way every time. Seemed like he could have saved some trips by being a bit more generous, but no biggie. He was nice and we all left full and satisfied.

Loulou is a good option for brunch if you're in the neighborhood, and the atmosphere is relaxed. I'm not sure it's my favorite around, but I think I'll be back, perhaps to try dinner. -Laurel

Davis and Amanda have been raving about this place for weeks, so I was excited to try  it. As Laurel said, we called 30 minutes before we decided to go. Normally, we just wing it, but it seemed like a brunch day (you know, it being Easter and all), so I figured it would be full. Luckily, it wasn't so much.

Our sweet/savory split proved successful yet again. However, if I had gotten the French Toast alone, I would have been disappointed. See, it was good French Toast, thick cut, egg soaked, and grilled to perfection, but it wasn't great French Toast. Great French Toast, in my opinion, has a bit better toppings or maybe one more piece of toast. Something about it was just off. Not taste wise, just overall satisfaction wise. The burrito was good, but seemed a bit...overrated. No offense to my lovely friends, but their ravings about that burrito just didn't live up to expectations. It was good, and filling, and the potatoes were delicious, but the chorizo (as small a portion as it was, as Laurel mentioned) was...not very good. It was a lot of fat, rather than a lot of meat. I've had lots of chorizo, so while I was not an expert, I do feel like I can say - it just wasn't up to par.

However, I will say, the place was absolutely delightful and very cute. And the waiter played along with me when I made my usual terrible jokes (I can sometimes be an embarrassing uncle when we go out to eat). Either way, I would love to try Loulou again some time, and maybe try something different. They have a lot to offer, and everyone else seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Worth a try, if you're around the neighborhood. - Jennifer

Address: 222 Dekalb Ave (Ft Greene, Brooklyn)

Website: http://www.louloubrooklyn.com/

Payment: credit, cash

Delivery: no

Open Late: midnight on weekends

Large Group Friendly: yes, they take reservations

Bar/Happy Hour: yes-- no corkage fee on Mondays (BYOB) and 20% wine list on Sundays

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