August 20, 2009

Autour du Monde (with Guest Reviewer Davis)

Always on the lookout for a great brunch place close to our apartment, Amanda and I popped by Autour du Monde one weekend. It was a bit late for brunch, so we wound up being alone in the place with the owner (whose name is sadly escaping me). We chatted him up while enjoying our meal, and left very satisfied.

The atmosphere inside is comfortable, with large windows along the outer wall, looking out onto the street. A large semicircle of a bar sits in the middle of the room. As far as the menu consisting of items "around the world," you can expect French and American-influenced entrees.

When Jen suggested we grab something go eat for lunch a few Sundays ago, Autour du Monde sounded like a great idea, and I'm glad I had another chance to try this place out.

They offer a free drink with most of the items on their brunch, though I had the burger, which isn't on that list. It came on a massive, buttery brioche bun, and cooked to perfection. The heavy bun helped absorb the overly juicy patty, avoiding the sad, soggy mess you typically get during the second half of even the best burgers. The side of fries served their job suitably.

If you're in the mood for an affordable, tasty brunch off the beaten path, I definitely recommend dropping by Autour du Monde. - Davis

Autour du Monde is a cute little French spot in Clinton Hill near Clinton Ave. I love their logo, although it's done with the Kristen font, and that font kind of sucks. Still cute enough to make me want to pop in. I had the pleasure of going with my friend Davis, who had been there before. Autour is locally run - Davis pointed out the owner during the meal - with a large, open space, and a large bar.

They've got brunch down pretty well. I ordered the omelet with a side of bacon. It came with home fries and a small salad. I also ordered a large glass of fresh orange juice. Everything came out fast, and was cooked just right, although it's not hard to mess up this standard meal. The omelet however, was a work of art considering it had nothing in. I'm always impressed when people can flip omelets or pancakes just right and this cook obviously can.

The waitress was very nice and attentive. This place is good and worth checking out if you are in the area. I'd like to go back another day soon; I feel like what I got was basic and I have plenty of room to explore. -

Address: 860 Fulton Street at Clinton Ave. (Clinton Hill, Brooklyn)


Payment: Cash, Credit

Delivery: Nope

Open Late: til 10:30pm every night

Large Group Friendly: Yep! and doesn't seem to be too crowded

Bar/Happy Hour: Yep, and brunch includes a drink if you so choose


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