September 22, 2009

Tue Thai Food

Recently, an adventure over in the West Village proved to be a rather yummy discovery. One night, Crystal, Laurel and I decided to grab a bite to eat after a comedy show. After much walking, we found a cute, somewhat cheap little Thai place somewhere in the midst of the confusion that is the West Village.

One of my all-time favorite appetizers of Chinese restaurants (I say this because I've never seen these in a Thai restaurant until we went here, and I just read the Wikipedia page and apparently it's a new commodity in Thai restaurants), is Crab Ragoon. Fried wontons (or just the pastry that makes wontons) stuffed with crab and cream cheese, which you dip in duck sauce. They are de-licious, and not usually offered in authentic Chinese restaurants. At Tue, the crab ragoon is a bit spicy, which added an extra flavor I thoroughly enjoyed. They're not too expensive either, six pieces for $6.

For dinner, I ordered the "World Famous" Pineapple Fried Rice ($9). Although being apparently famous throughout all the lines, it was pretty standard. It had pineapple, raisins, cashews, onions, roma tomatoes, lime, and a choice of meat. I went for the chicken, which was a bit tough to the bite, but had a good flavor. Either way, while good, and not too expensive, I'm pretty skeptical that this restaurant's pineapple fried rice is actually heard of in say...Thailand.

Either way, the decorations are adorable, and rather inventive. The light (pictured above) was really cool and gave the restaurant a bit of an arty feel. Also, the staff was super nice and very attentive. I recommend it if you're walking around the West Village. -Jennifer

Our visit to Tue was born out of a bout of incredible indecisiveness. We walked around and around the West Village, declaring this too expensive and that too whatever, when we finally came upon Tue. Thai didn't sound too bad, the prices were good, and it looked cute. Aaaaaand done.

The menu is largely standard (price and selection-wise), with appetizers, a couple of soups and salads, curries, noodle dishes, and rice dishes. I ordered a yellow curry with chicken, which was $10ish.

It was a hearty portion, with a good amount of veggies (onion, cabbage, green beans, carrots) and chicken, which was a little overcooked, but fine. The sauce was lightly sweet from the coconut milk and a nice amount of spice, but it didn't wow me with flavor. The rice was perfectly cooked in a ball on the side. Overall, it was solid, but, as Jennifer said, nothing amazing.

The service was friendly and dependable, and the decor is way cute-- not your standard too modern and plastic Thai place. If I lived in the area, or needed a quick bite of Thai food in the area, I would recommend--but nothing to go out of your way for. -Laurel

Address: 3 Greenwich Avenue, between Christopher St & 10th St

Website: Yelp

Payment: Cash, Credit

Delivery: Yes

Open Late: Til 11pm Daily

Large Group Friendly: Yes

Bar/Happy Hour: No Alcohol

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