March 24, 2010

New Mexico Place (By Guest Reviewer Gabo Rodriguez)

You always seem to find that authentic flavor in everything you order.

It seems to me that at this rate, if this page has another Mexican restaurant review it will probably explode. Hopefully, this one isn’t the tilting point. As a young and humble resident of East “Willburg” (all gaudiness aside) finding a Mexican place to get a taco isn’t exactly the hardest thing in the world. As it’s been made exhaustively clear, there are Mexican restaurants in Brooklyn! It’s quite unusual, however, to find one that really stands out from many others. At New Mexico Place you always seem to find that authentic flavor in everything you order. Since my first visit, when I curiously stumbled into the restaurant looking for a cheap, decent place to have a meal, I became an instantaneous fan. For this article, I really wanted to test what the restaurant had to offer.

A friend and I got there fairly early, to which we were greeted, in Spanish, by who appeared to be the owner. I, being a native Spanish speaker (mind the ego), answered “una mesa para dos” (a table for two). We sat down in fairly comfortable chairs, blasted by “Norteño” music coming from a sound system and ordered two Modelos, a basket of chips (free) and some guacamole ($3.00). To our surprise, the chips were freshly fried and the guacamole had the perfect flavorings of salty and spicy joined into one; an avocado with onions and cilantro mix that balanced itself out.

For the main course we went all out, ordering almost every dish that seemed appetizing, we asked for what seemed to be a meal for 4. I ordered a chicken burrito, my friend ordered vegetarian tacos, a gordita (which we shared) and a tostada, way better choice. When they brought the food, everything seemed extremely appetizing. The burrito came with chicken, rice and beans, a crema-cheese-on-top-combo with a side of guacamole and salad all for $5.75?! (nuts!). To be honest the other dishes were the best; the vegetarian tacos ($2.25ea) came with a mix of sautéed mushrooms, some salad and crema giving it great texture and consistency, a good variation from the same old rice and beans veggie tacos. The tostada ($2.00ea) came with beans, salad and crema in a freshly fried tortilla that was not utterly amazing but it was crunchy and savory nonetheless.

Lastly, the gordita ($2.50ea) was the real revelation of the night. Having never ordered such a dish, I was skeptical on how would turn out. To our surprise it was AMAZING; it had a soft texture, also fried, with beans and salad, it was almost indescribable; similar to an empanada but a little thicker, all in all a great dish. The bill came to about $30.00, not bad for so much food. We left with full stomachs, full wallets and a good mood. What else do you need from a Mexican place? - Gabo
(Photos by Tamara Wise)

Address: 189 Graham Ave., between Meserole and Scholes (East Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Website: Yelp

Cash, Credit

Delivery: Yes

Open Late:
Open until 11pm every day

Large Group Friendly:

Bar/Happy Hour:
Beer and Wine Only

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