September 28, 2009

Buttermilk Channel

Buttermilk Channel is a classy joint, so I made a classy pose. Shut up, I'm working on it.

But seriously, first off, it's well decorated. The navy exterior, the interior painted the color of buttermilk, the wooden bar and brick wall. Lovely and relaxing. The service is attentive and generally friendly, and the owner is very nice (he chatted with us for some time after he saw my aunt measuring the bar with an actual measuring tape, and then gave her some tips on sconces...yep).

The brunch menu is southern-tilted, with house-made sausage, biscuits, scrambles, pancakes, pork chops, and more. They also offer your usual burger and salad options, and all entrees are $6-15, and include coffee/tea and a mimosa or bellini. One of the better brunch deals I've had, considering the menu, atmosphere and complimentary beverages. I ordered the ABC Grilled Cheese, with apples, bacon and cheddar. It came on grilled bread, and was predictably salty and could have used more apple, but the bacon was good quality and perfectly cooked. The tiny salad that came with it was actually very good.

We ordered a side of biscuits, which I was fairly impressed with and would repeat order. I also sampled a bit of Jennifer's pork chop and cheddar waffles (the pork chop was HUGE), and it was really delicious-- juicy tasty pork, and predictably delicious waffle (how can a cheddar waffle be bad..I'm sure it could happen, but it shouldn't). The tiny bit of Rich's corn beef hash I tried was also good (below) and my cousin Walker gave their fries his seal of approval.

I will note that I had dinner there once, and though this is not that review, it was also good. I will definitely be back for another relaxing brunch (note that it is only served on Sundays) time and time again. -Laurel

One afternoon, our friend Rich and I were going to meet up and head over to Reis 100 in Park Slope, where they have a 100 different types of sandwiches. Since Rich is a sandwich fiend, I thought he would thoroughly enjoy it. However, due to the MTA induced fate we often find ourselves wrestling with, it was going to take forever for him to get there from LIC. So Laurel was kind enough to invite us along with her family to Buttermilk Channel.

To be honest, I might have lured Rich to the restaurant under false pretenses...I promised him Country Fried Steak, as well as biscuits and gravy, both of which they do not have (but hopefully due to us meeting the owner and begging him to add them both to the menu, I'm hoping this might change). Either way, I do not think he was disappointed at the vast array of food we ordered and sampled off each other. I mean, seriously, he looks so happy in that picture above, right?

So, the food. This place definitely takes the first part of their compound word to heart. Everything had a ton of butter. That's what made the porkchops so tasty at least...the coating of butter and crumbs on the outside. The meat inside was less than spectacular - tasted a bit bland in fact. But coupled with the coating and the cheddar waffles, it was absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this dish. It is the most expensive one, although at $15 and including coffee and alcohol, it's not that bad.

The biscuits were good, and I wish I had eaten a whole plate by myself, but alas, I had to share with everyone else. Also, we ordered a coffeecake, which came out in the odd form of a small muffin. Soft and gooey, with great flavor. They also have donuts, which we didn't try, and now I can't remember why...

The wait staff is super nice and very patient. Our waitress was nice enough to give me my alcoholic beverage after we had all eaten, because apparently I can't read and didn't realize a free drink comes with the meal. This place is well decorated, and everything has a very classy feel to it. Before even meeting the co-owner outside, I got the feeling whoever owned the place knew exactly how he/she wanted it to look and feel: homey and inviting. A lot of restaurants don't think it out, and just slap a bunch of tacky crap into a room and wonder why no one comes. This guy really knew what he was doing - he even remembered the name of the paint he used on the front.

Go here and enjoy.- Jennifer

Address: 542 Court Street between Nelson and Huntington (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn)

Website:, Yelp

Cash, Credit

Delivery: No

Open Late:
Open for Dinner, Sunday, Tues-Thurs, 5pm-11pm; Fri-Sat 5pm-12am; Open for Brunch on Sundays only 10am-3pm

Large Group Friendly:
Somewhat, they take reservations for 6+ people

Bar/Happy Hour:
Full Bar, Drink included in the brunch price

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Mike said...

Elisa and I love this place. FYI: While they do not take reservations, you CAN call as you are on your way over and put your name on the list.

Just as good!

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