February 4, 2008


I have a bit of a thing for crepes. While living in Boston I frequented a small place called Paris Creperie that was, well, delicious. So I've been wishing for a replacement.. and I've almost found one.

The smell emanating from outside Creperie is enough to attract you into this place.
The teeny-tiny spot in the Lower East Side offers dozens of varieties of sweet and savory crepes with just a few seats. The menu includes fillings like sautéed mushrooms, ham, several cheeses, fruits and nutella. You can choose from the standard match-up of fillings from the menu or make your own. The prices stay in the reasonable range- $7 to $10.

I had a ham and cheese, which was a little overloaded with cheese but otherwise pretty tasty. The crepe itself was a nice thickness (pretty thin), but I do like mine a little crispier, and the crepe itself was a little sweet--which doesn't really lend itself to savory fillings. It was still good enough to draw me in for round 2-- a nutella and strawberry-filled crepe. I will say that their crepes are excellent vehicles for sweet tastiness, and I'd be down for going back to test some other varieties. Try it out if you're in the area--it's the perfect stop for a late-night sweet attack. -Laurel

I've never really had crepes before, but this was a fantastic first experience. I was feeling a little overloaded with heavy foods when we went, so instead of getting a "Savory" crepe with meat in it, I opted for the Pear, Walnut and Brie crepe. Let's just say - it was absolutely yummy. I did, however, have the same problem as Laurel; there was quite a bit of cheese inside.

The place is tiny, so I don't suggest taking a lot of people. We were being rather loud in the little space talking about "Project Runway" and "Make Me a Supermodel," and I kept noticing the cook cracking up at us. However, considering Creperie is in the middle of the Lower East Side, I don't necessarily suggest taking it out on the street with you either. No offense, LES, but you're a little dirty.

Even after my experience, I still wasn't sure about my feelings towards crepes, but when we decided to go back a few days later to get a "Sweet" one, I was sold. To be honest, gooey nutella with strawberries on anything would probably sell me, but inside a crepe, it was amazing.

Oh, and if you're ever feeling homeless, they make a new one every day to put on the plate outside, so you might want to stop by for some free food. - Jennifer

Address: 135 Ludlow St, b/t Rivingston and Stanton

Website: n/a (http://www.yelp.com/biz/creperie-new-york)

Payment: cash only

Take Out: yes

Open Late: yes! until 2 weekdays, 4 AM weekends

Delivery: yes, limited

Large Group Friendly: big no

Bar/Happy Hour: no

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