February 22, 2008

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery

I love bakeries and I love desserts. Seeing the name Sugar Sweet Sunshine alone made me salivate.

And I wasn't disappointed-- the small, homey space (much of the furniture came from the owners' former apartments) is welcoming and filled with different sweets. There are lots of cupcakes to be had with different flavor combos, but I settled on a "Bob"- yellow cake with chocolate-almond buttercream. Besides cupcakes, which, by the way, cost $1.50 (it's typical to pay $4 for a similar cupcake in the city, which is nuts to me), they offer options like brownies, cookies and cheesecake.

They also offer banana pudding, which I tried first. A small the size of a to-go coffee cup, it's enough for two people and costs $4.00. It was sweet, creamy and delicious. The cupcake was also very good, especially for the price. The cake was moist, which can be hard to find with cupcakes, and the frosting was flavorful. I will be back to this place.

Cupcakes are probably the best thing God ever invented. Granted, you could probably argue that cakes are complete equals, as they are, in fact, the exact same thing, but I would disagree. Cupcakes don't judge you for getting too big of a slice, or for not being able to eat all of it and having to throw out the stale bits. Cupcakes are also portable, cheap and you can get a wide variety. In fact, I believe I only know one person who doesn't like cupcakes. In fact, he doesn't even like doughnuts. He is a crazy person, and his name is Matt Sullivan. We don't hang out anymore (mainly because I live here, but you get the point).

While Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery sounds like the makings of a terrible MTV show, it's actually one of the cheapest and tastiest bakeries we've found. Don't get me wrong - Crumbs is da bomb, but it's way expensive. My cupcake was a Sexy Red Velvet. It was hot and tempting and came...nevermind. It was moist and definitely not stale, but there was one problem - the icing was definitely butter cream, not cream cheese, which means I really just ate a vanilla cupcake with butter cream frosting. I also got a Black & White, but I gave it to Brett (I accidentally smashed it on the way home, and I didn't want it). I guess we could ask him if he liked it, but he would only try to compare it to the cinnamon twists at Taco Bell.

Oh, and the best part - there was this overly muscular guy in a white wife-beater behind the counter. I'm going to go ahead and say he's gay, but I have no backing evidence other than his rippling muscles and the fact that he works in a bakery. Also, the fact that I'm a judgmental asshole. Worth a peek if nothing else. Love always - Jennifer

ddress: 126 Rivington (b/t Essex and Norfolk)


cash, credit

Take Out:

Open Late:
kinda... 11pm on weekends

yes, through another service

Large Group Friendly:
not really- depends on how busy they are. comfy looking couches though.

Bar/Happy Hour:
nope, just coffee and such.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Cupcakes ARE far superior than cake...unless it's a Boston Cream Pie :)I want to check this place out.

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