February 25, 2008

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop

Either there was a dude named Tiny who owns a Giant Sandwich Shop, or this was the best oxymoron they could come up with. In my head, I pictured a door shoved between two large buildings and a sliver of an alleyway as a restaurant, completely overcome by huge pieces of meat, lettuce, tomatoes, bread - you know, sandwich stuff. What I got, however, was a pretty normal looking place, with adequate seating, and average sized sandwiches. Guess "Average's Normal Sandwich Shop" was taken.

However, I must say that in this overly hipster cafe, the taste certainly made up for the size. My vegetarian meatball sub was a little on the dry side, but very delicious (oddly enough, they didn't have a meat substitute). It was also cheap ($4.50 for the small size), and came with chips - although I was grossly disappointed by the number of chips. The chips you see in the picture above are untouched. I really think Laurel and I got 7 1/2 chips a piece.

Either way, this sandwich shop was well worth it, and the perfect place to sit down and have a long talk about the subtlety of Arcade Fire and write mean poems about your ex-girlfriend in the corner. Laurel and I, however, talked about the presidential campaign and Javier Bardem. Yes, I suppose we're still too indie for words. - Jennifer

According to something I read someplace or another, the restaurant used to be in a "tiny" location, but they moved and therefore the name is now stupid. Maybe not stupid, but their website sure is stupid looking.

I have to say I do like the space, though-- several small tables with window seats and a relaxed atmosphere. It would be a nice place just to relax when you and they are not busy. The menu has a good amount of hot and cold sandwich options, including make-your-own, and salads. I had a hot roast beef with sauteed onions, provolone and roasted red peppers. It was tasty--the roast beef was tender, and I would probably eat it again--but it needed a little kick. Maybe some spicy mustard? Just my two cents.

Our meals featured in the pictures above are the "small size," which was reasonable at $5 and would be a good sized lunch, or if you were like us and ate dinner followed by a bakery stop. They also offer larger sizes for most of their sandwiches, and lots of vegetarian options. All-in-all, a good place to relax with a sandwich and talk about The New Yorker. Yeah, we did that. Maybe NY is making us smarter.

Address: 129 Rivington (near Norfolk)


cash only

Take Out:

Open Late:
10pm daily


Large Group Friendly:
on a weeknight- maybe. a fair amount of seating is available.

Bar/Happy Hour: nope, but you can get some local sodas.

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