July 21, 2008


Alma is situated in Carroll Gardens right across the street from the water, and draws in customers with its three levels and rooftop seating. We came here with some of my family (Jennifer is now a member of the clan) to experience the views.

The menu is heavy on seafood and consists of modern Mexican food like guacamole, fajitas and margaritas. I order the Pollo Fajitas, which came with corn tortillas, beans, rice, guacamole and salad ($15.50). It was enough food but definitely not too much, and the chicken was grilled. Although it was fresh and thoughtfully put together, it was still lacking in flavor, largely due to (in my opinion) the chicken.

David ordered the enchiladas with mole sauce, which were pretty tasty from the bite I had and a ton of food. The general consensus is the real reasons for visiting this place are as follows: the guacamole, the margaritas, and the view. So if you’re in need of these three things, go! -Laurel

I had the pleasure of going to this restaurant in the pouring rain with Laurel's adorable family. While her family tried the tasty food of the day offerings, I opted for something a little more safe - fajitas. They were delicious, not the same run of the mill onions, peppers and optional meat that most Mexican restaurants dish from.

The atmosphere is relaxing and laid back as well - hopefully you'll get to sit on top and enjoy the view of the industrious landscape and a little bit over, lower Manhattan. And even if it rains, it's still an option - they have the perfect shades to protect you from the worst of tropical storms.

Laurel's family has been going here for years. They commented that they used to go all the time, but the menu changed drastically and it just wasn't the same, and they didn't go back for quite a while. However, good news! The menu seems to be back in order, as we all enjoyed it immensely. - Jennifer

Address: 187 Columbia St (Brooklyn, NY)

Website: http://www.almarestaurant.com/

Payment: Cash/Credit Cards

Take Out: Yes

Delivery: Yes

Open Late: Not really, til 11pm on the weekends

Large Group Friendly: Yes

Bar/Happy Hour: Yes, with tasty margaritas!

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