July 2, 2008


Egg is a small spot in Williamsburg that specializes in breakfast and lunch and some of it in the southern style. We decided to go here for a book club meeting and to snag us some biscuits.
The interior is long and narrow with a decent amount of seating (there are a couple of tables outside). We got there at about 10 and didn’t have to wait long, but rumor has it this place gets quite the line closer to lunchtime on the weekend, so plan accordingly.

Breakfast is served until 3 on weekdays and 2 on weekends, with dinner offered on weekends only. The menu includes biscuits and gravy, pancakes, and egg dishes for breakfast; mostly sandwiches for lunch. I, being the loyal southerner I am (well, when it comes to food, anyway), ordered the biscuits and sausage gravy.

The biscuits and gravy were good—the biscuits were very rustic, although possibly a little too rustic, as they were a bit burnt on the bottom. The gravy was peppery, which is how I like it, but may be too much pepper for some. The service was fine and the prices are standard mid-range amounts. This isn’t the best I’ve had, but I would visit again and eat some grits and country ham. -Laurel

We got here perhaps a little too early on Saturday morning...our intentions were to beat the lunch rush, but getting up early on a Saturday and dragging myself down to Williamsburg is not always ideal for me. Either way - I'm glad we made it.

I'm always in the mood for Biscuits and Gravy. In fact, I showed someone this blog recently and they said everything we ate was covered in gravy. I would say that's not true but I started thinking about how much I love things covered in gravy and I realized he was right. Not only that, but this was also our second book club meeting, and our last one was at Essex, where, oddly enough, we ate biscuits and gravy.

Something really amazing about Egg - they just bought their own farm where they are trying their hand at raising their own produce and may soon raise some animals. I'm really into self-sustaining places, so it's absolutely amazing what they're trying to do.

Either way, Egg is really small, but really cute at the same time. Like Laurel said, the gravy was peppery, which I don't like, and the biscuits were burnt, but it was filling and still quite tasty. Also, Davis was amazed by the French press coffee, so I suppose he gives this place a thumbs up (even though he's allergic to the title - NERD!). I dig Egg, and I suggest it. And even though it sucks, it's worth it to get up early on a Saturday, they were pretty busy when we left! - Jennifer

Address: 135 N 5th St (between Bedford and Berry Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Website: http://www.pigandegg.com/

Payment: Cash

Take Out: Yes

Open Late: Yes

Large Group Friendly: No

Bar/Happy Hour: No

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Jonathan said...

The simplicity of naming a restaurant "Egg". I think it takes some balls to do that...perhaps even some huevos?? Huh? Huh?! Who's with me. Anywho, I feel there's an underlying theme to your blog: finding the Southern in the Northern. I dig it. I think remembering your consumption roots is very important. Seems like, overall, NYC knows how to do some decent replication.

Your pics make me HUN-GRY!!!

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