September 24, 2009


In yet another attempt to eat at Superfine and finding it closed, Laurel and I ventured over to reBar after we were told by our friends Davis and Amanda that they served brunch. We walked in to find a small coffee bar set up beside a staircase. We were pointed up the stairs to a large open area with a bunch of tables, and a divided bar, as well as another off et dining area. After being told to sit wherever we liked, we chose a table as far away from everyone else as possible so the waitress would have to walk really, really far, and our food would be room temperature (okay, not really, but we could have done that because there were a lot of choices).

The menu offers pretty standard brunch, along with salads and pressed sandwiches. And as we always seem to want the same sweet/savory frenchtoastpancakeswaffles/scrambledeggsomeletbaconsausagepotatoestoast, we decided on this particular trip to mix it up a little bit. Instead of the typical, we chose pancakes with strawberries and walnuts, and chose an omelet with BBQ pulled pork, manchego cheese and carmelized onions. That's right. We're different.

The pancakes were very tasty - soft on the inside, slightly crunchy on the outside. The walnuts were candied and a nice touch, although quite the texture difference from a soft pancake. The reBar omelet was the real risk taker here, obviously. And I must say, I kind of liked it, but it was really, really weird. In fact, as Laurel and I were eating it, we kept saying over and over "I'm not sure what is happening in my mouth right now." It's basically a flavor explosion that is neither amazing nor disgusting, despite the list of ingredients mixed with eggs. It's just...yet again, really, really weird.

Also, as a recommendation: if you decide to get the reBar omelet, don't get something sweet. It will just make your taste buds keep going 'WHAT THE HELL?!' as you switch back and forth. Also, the BBQ in the omelet is a little sweet, so the extra isn't needed. But I do recommend trying it, if any of those ingredients sound good to you. Your mouth just kind of...has to adjust to the difference. Once it does though, I promise you'll be satisfied.

I'm dying to go back to reBar and drink, actually, as I think it would be a great place to dance (if they have dancing?) and/or get in a fight (as a note, I need large spaces for my fights). Go to DUMBO and try it! -Jennifer

reBar was a second choice for brunch one weekend, but the menu looked encouraging and the space is kind of awesome. It's huge and open with tall ceilings and wood floors, a place you'd want to have a party in and then have a break dancing competition. These are how all of my parties end, but it'd just be more convenient/classy at this joint.

The menu is your standard brunch, with a little higher than they should be prices.. like most places. I have to agree with Jennifer's assessment of the reBar Omelet.. it was just plain weird. I don't think I'd order it again, I'm still weirded out by that thing. It's just.. unnatural. The accompanying salad greens and potatoes were just okay, and the pancakes were also okay. Nothing was amazing, or even overly noteworthy, but not bad, either.

The service was lacking. The waitress did the classic disappearing act, where she started out attentive and then completely vanished. So much so, that we had to walk around for a while to find someone to pay. Did we mention that there was NO ONE there? Two other tables the whole time we sat there. But I think they have wireless, so it'd be a cool place to sit with coffee and a laptop during the day without be bothered (by anyone, including the waitstaff), or, as I said, break dance. -Laurel

Address: 147 Front St. between Pearl St. and Jay St. (Dumbo, Brooklyn)

Website:, Yelp

Payment: Cash, Credit

Delivery: No

Open Late: Mon-Tue. til 2:00 a.m.; Wed-Sat. til 4:00 a.m.; Sun. til 2:00 a.m.

Large Group Friendly: Yes

Bar/Happy Hour: Full Bar


T said...

nothin i enjoy better than puttin my walnuts over some soft pancakes in the morning

jennifer said...

That was a classy comment, Terris.

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