March 3, 2008

The Sunburnt Cow

The Sunburnt Cow, how I love thee. Our beautiful friend Amanda suggested this place, and we went with her - on the fact that everyone that works there was apparently very good looking. Even better, however, was the brunch. $15 for one brunch item, such as eggs, which comes with potatoes and a salad, and unlimited drinks, everything from mimosas to mojitos. Unlimited at least, until Heath cuts you off...

The brunch food was okay (what I can remember of it). Pretty standard, nothing too fancy or out there, but the drinks made up for what might be considered a tad boring of a meal. I simply love this place and look forward to trying out their Fish and Chips place near my work.

Also, just as a note - those waiters and waitresses were pretty hot. And Heath did cut us off. I'm glad for it, even though I was still hungover by 5pm. -Jennifer

(my failed attempt at a picture of heath)

This place really does it the Australian way. Drunk. They offer Aussie-style burgers, which, as I remember eating one in Sydney, were disgusting (BBQ sauce and pickled beets). I, however, tried the omelet, which was pretty tasty and came with mixed greens. If you feel like stumbling around the East Village (or shopping tipsy as we did), it's a great deal.

The staff is largely Australian ex-pats and very friendly. It can get pretty crowded for brunch, and on nice days is known to have a line out the door upon opening, so get there early (don't worry, they don't open until noon). Only real con-- if you are seated anywhere near the bar, the music is LOUD. We had to yell out orders to the waitress, sometimes more than once. So if you're looking to drink most of your brunch, this is the place to go. -Laurel

Address: 137 Avenue C (btwn 8th and 9th)
Payment: cash only
Take Out: yes
Open Late: 4 am on the weekend
Delivery: nope
Large Group Friendly: somewhat. very busy for brunch
Bar/Happy Hour: Drink specials all week long.


Amy said...

I want to go just to say I ate at the Sunburnt Cow. What a great name!

dontstaylong said...

the sunburnt cow might be the best (or worst?) thing to ever happen to my sunday afternoons. nothing like stumbling out into the sunlight at 2 pm with an amazingly strong buzz.

the burger, btw, is pretty fantastic, beets and all.

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