March 17, 2008

Chat 'n' Chew

We found this place on our drunken adventures through Union Square. After eating at the Sunburnt Cow, we wandered through shop after shop buying nothing and salivating over everything, until I had such a headache, we just had to eat somewhere. I saw this place and thought the name was hilarious, so we decided to give it a try.

When we entered, the host and I instantly became best friends. In my drunkness, I am not only able attract gay men, but I also generally have more charisma than necessary. This was quite the case. He was my friend, and he wanted me to add him as a friend on Facebook because we were so tight. In fact, he gave me Tylenol from his bag in the back and called me "Drunky" to the waitress, and told her I was trouble! I, of course, completely forgot his name. Too bad, we were going to be best friends.

Unfortunately however, the burger I ordered made me feel awful, and I ordered it well done and it was practically bleeding. On top of it all, the whiskey and coke I ordered to alleviate my headache tasted absolutely terrible and I didn't even finish it. Then we got the bill - $7.50 for it! Okay, I know that isn't that much, but it tasted so bad that I was quite annoyed (I was more so annoyed because I had already spent well over $50 and knew I would spend a ton more).

Either way - you should go hang out with the host and completely ditch the food and drinks at this place. And if you do - will you let me know what his name is, please? -Jennifer

I can't remember his name either. But he was the highlight of this place.

The decor was eccentric and the menu was homestyle-- meatloaf, mac 'n cheese, burgers, etc. I had the soup of the day, chicken noodle. I have to say it tasted pretty good and had big pieces of chicken, but they forgot to take out the bay leaf. Plus, I can't say it's all that hard to make chicken noodle soup. Just isn't!

We all three collectively gave it a thumbs down on value. The food was overpriced for what it was, as we could have gotten the same quality at a diner for cheaper. It may be better for brunch, but I don't know that I'll be going back to find out anytime soon.

Try if you like, but it's not overly recommended by these two eaters. -Laurel

Address: 10 E 16th St (between Union Square W and 5th Ave)

Payment: Cash, Cards

Take Out: yes, and catering

Open Late: 11 pm on weekdays, 10 pm on weekends

Delivery: yes, from 7th Ave to 3rd Ave/10th St to 23rd St

Large Group Friendly: they could probably accommodate.

Bar/Happy Hour: bar, yes - ridiculously expensive disgusting drinks.


Nicole said...

hey, i've eaten there! i had an oyster po boy and i remember thinking it was pretty good. maybe try that next time.

dontstaylong said...

the best picture of amanda evar.

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