March 3, 2008

Dumpling House

Obviously we like dumplings. But when you want something comforting for cheap, dumplings really are the way to go. Dumpling House takes cheap eats to a whole other level.

It's a little hard to find if you don't know where to look.. it isn't labeled. The walls are largely bare and undecorated--let's just say you are not paying for ambiance here. But those savings are actually passed on to you. I don't think there is an item on the menu over $3. For example, we got 3 orders of fried pork and chive dumplings (4 in an order), which were $1 each, two small soups and a bottled water, and we paid $6.50 total. We had more than enough food. I don't think I've ever paid that little for that much food in NYC.

And the food was, for the most part, less scary than might be expected. The dumplings were tasty. A little greasy and doughy, but satisfying. And my soup wasn't bad, either. They offer a wide menu and you can even buy their dumplings frozen. The service not especially friendly but definitely efficient. Be aware that there was no plain soy sauce to be found, only a mix with vinegar. So bring your own if that's what you require.

So if you need to eat cheap, fast, and don't require frills, go here and eat your weight for just a few bucks. -Laurel

For someone who loves good food and likes to dine out, I can eat pretty disgustingly. This day, in particular, I had a diner breakfast from Everest Diner, a two cheeseburger lunch from McDonalds (I know - it's disgusting, for real), and the cheapest dumplings I have ever put in my mouth.

Packed with grease, pork, and scallions - these cheap, cheap, cheap little treasures were probably the worst idea I could have done for how much horrid food I had eaten that day. Speaking of which, I have tried my best, since then, to eat as healthily as possible.

Either way - they're definitely worth the buck I paid for them, and probably more. They were filling and quite good, even if they made me a little gassy (did I just admit that?). Wasn't a big fan of the wonton soup...soup part. It tastes like seaweed. Ewww. - Jennifer

ddress: 118 Eldridge St (near Broome St)

n/a (

cash only

Take Out:

Open Late:
not really- 9:30 daily

Delivery: ]

Large Group Friendly:
not overly--they're usually pretty busy

Bar/Happy Hour: no alcohol

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