March 17, 2008

Cubana Cafe

Cubana Cafe is a place I could hang out at and nosh from time to time. They have a nicely sized menu of Cuban fair, including sandwiches, soups, quesadillas, plates of chicken or beef with rice and beans, salads, and Cuban breakfast all day. They also offer batidos (traditional Cuban drink), Jarritos sodas, sangria, beer and mixed drinks.

The cafe is situated on the bottom level cozied up between a few shops in SoHo. The decor was colorful and the ceiling seemingly low. We waited around for a table for a bit and ordered a carafe of sangria while we waited ($15). It was tasty and the waitress brought us an extra glass since our's was "mostly fruit"- much appreciated. It evened out to over 2 glasses apiece for four people.

I had a pulled pork quesadilla with onions and jack cheese ($7), which equaled two smallish quesadillas and a little chick pea salad for garnish. The pork was tender and juicy and the combo of flavors was yummy. The service was pretty good and the ambiance was a little cramped but fun. The people next to us sure were having fun.. as in 'I hope the bartender cut them off already' fun.

Mark my words, I'll be trying this place again and you are invited to go with me. Especially during happy hour, when they're drinks and quesadillas are four buckeroos! -Laurel

In a word: yummy. So yummy in fact, I went back the next day for more yumminess.

I was starting to feel sick, so drinking was not a good idea - but otherwise this is just what I needed. When I showed up at the cafe a large carafe of sangria was waiting for me, complimented with the french toast with fresh mangoes I ordered equaled Deliciousness. As I sat there devouring a meal that is not meant for dessert, an older gentlemen in a nice suit was leaning over staring at my food. I turned, to which he commented 'is that french toast?' at my reply of 'yes.' came a 'for dinner?' my eyes must have reflected what almost came out of my mouth, which was, in essence, 'and how the hell is that your business?' because he quickly said, 'looks good,' and ran out the door.

The next day I had a more sensible meal there, consisting of chicken quesadillas and more sangria. This place is simply adorable and quite good, and I hear the bartender can make a mean Hottie Tottie. -Jennifer

Address: 110 Thompson St (b/t Prince and Spring)

Website: n/a (

Payment: cash only

Take Out:
yes, and catering

Open Late: 11 pm

Delivery: yes

Large Group Friendly:
huge groups not recommended.. can fit a party of 4-6 if they're not too busy

Bar/Happy Hour: yes and yes- happy hour M-Th 5-7pm, $4 sangria, beer, mojitos, quesadillas and more.

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