April 3, 2008

Chelsea Grill of Hell's Kitchen

This time when my parents came to visit me, they didn't want to see the sights. They had seen them all at least five times, and were finally aware that they never change. So instead, we went to my favorite neighborhoods - Soho, Lower East Side, Astoria (I love my neighborhood), Brooklyn Heights, Upper West Side, and Hell's Kitchen. Notice, I did not put Chelsea on that list. I love Chelsea, don't get me wrong, but I've spent far too much time around there since I first moved here that I'm much better off staying away. However, a Chelsea Grill in Hell's Kitchen? Sure.

We had just watched Spamalot and they were tired and just wanted something delicious. The only problem is that my father doesn't really like to step outside the box. He doesn't want Greek, Indian, Thai and the like. That's a problem in New York. That's why when we found the Chelsea Grill, it was heaven sent. Not overly expensive comfort food that's yummy.

For $16.95, my father and I enjoyed two one-inch thick thyme and pepper spiced porkchops, garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed asparagus. My mother chose the chicken with a barbeque glaze and vegetables with rice - I didn't try it but it looked really good. Overall, we were all satisfied. My mother, however, hated the vodka pomegranate concoction she was served, and was absolutely appalled at the price, simply because she thought it was disgusting ($10). But then again, my mother doesn't really drink.

Either way, if you want a little bit of fancy without all the fuss, go for it. Just keep in mind it's in Hell's Kitchen, not Chelsea, and as a suggestion, don't take the porkchops home with you. They start to stink really bad if they sit out too long. - Jennifer

Address: 675 9th Avenue (between 46th St & 47th St)
Website: n/a (http://www.yelp.com/biz/chelsea-grill-of-hells-kitchen-new-york)
Payment: Cash, Cards
Take Out: yes
Open Late: yes, til 3am
Delivery: yes, but not after 5pm
Large Group Friendly: it's possible, but you'd have get there at a non-rush time
Bar/Happy Hour: bar, yes. happy hour, not sure

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Ryan Harris said...

Hey Jennifer,
I been enjoying your blog and also have a similar one of my own. After MTSU I moved to San Francisco to pursue becoming a chef. I recently started a blog on restaurant critiques and food I make. Check it out!


We should swap cities sometime.


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