April 20, 2008

Kumquat Cupcakery

It's no secret I love cupcakes and eat them pretty much whenever the opportunity presents itself. I had heard good things about Kumquat Cupcakery, and just so happens I was also pumped about a new flea market that started in Fort Greene where these mini cupcakes were to be sold.

The cupcakes are bite-sized but only a dollar, and cheaper if you buy 6 or more. Kumquat is limited to 2 Brooklyn flea markets on weekends and special orders and deliveries. At the flea markets, different flavors are offered each week and announced ahead of time on their blog.

By the time we made our way past all of the interesting goodies at the flea market, the tiny stand had run out of red velvet, so we sampled the remaining varieties: peanut butter, banana and honey; coffee; and black and white. If you like the peanut butter/banana combo, this cupcake is a deliciously dense and flavorful treat. The cake was moist and the icing was creamy. The coffee cupcake was also tasty, but strong-- recommended for dedicated coffee-lovers only. The black and white was a great combo- moist chocolate cake with white chocolate filling.

I liked these enough that I stopped by the next week to try a couple more varieties. The strawberries and cream cupcakes were, well, gone before I even got home. They were simply put: borderline amazing. This is coming from a big strawberries and cream fan, and these flavors were perfectly encapsulated in a moist white cake with strawberries mixed in and a creamy vanilla frosting. I will be eating these again whenever I have the opportunity. I suggest you do the same. -Laurel

Bite sized cupcakes from a flea market? Sounds strange, I know, but it's absolutely fantastic. I only had a chance to try the honey and peanut butter one, but it was unbelievably delicious. Strawberry and cream cupcakes are my absolute favorite, but I opted to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall instead of going to the flea market (btw - the movie is awesome!), but I KNOW I'll be back for those awesome cupcakes. They're just too cute to pass up!

Also - as a note, I love that these cupcakes are only available at flea markets. Especially the best flea market in New York, the Brooklyn Brownstoner Flea Market. And by the way, I know saying this is the best flea market in New York is a stretch because I've never been to any others. But this one does have an awesome vintage postcard stand, homemade charm necklaces (I got a cutsie whale), and some sweet furniture. However, what makes this one the best and makes me think you should 100 percent go, is that Kumquat is there. - Jennifer

Address: Brooklyn Flea Markets-- Artist and Fleas Market and Brooklyn Brownstoner Flea Market (weekends), OR you can place special orders.

Website: http://www.kumquatcupcakery.blogspot.com/

Payment: Cash

Take Out: that's the only option!

Open Late: flea market hours, or special order

Delivery: yes

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Jonathan said...

First off, let's just say that any store with the name "Kumquat" in it, is amazing. Let's just get that one outta the way. Secondly, the cupcakes you guys speak of sound sinfully wonderful. I can picture you, Laurel, stuffing your face with those things as you're walking. I'd do the same thing, too. And these flea markets...these are great-sounding flea markets.

By the by, just saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", as well. Very fun movie. Still no "40-Year-Old Virgin", imo, but I idealize that movie beyond the compacity for reasonable thought.

Very nice blog, ladies!

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