April 20, 2008

Essex Restaurant

There's some things I've been missing since I moved up north. Sausage gravy and biscuits are definitely one of them. So when we were informed of the Essex Restaurant, I was elated. Not only was there "The Southern" which consisted of a bowl filled with eggs, biscuits and sausage gravy, but Laurel and I decided to split that and pancakes with chocolate chips and bananas. If you see the picture below and above, you should know that even though we split it, we almost fell over from the intense amount of food in our stomachs.

Top that off with up to three alcohol drinks, coffee or tea, and bread, and you've got one of the most delicious and filling meals I've ever had in New York. I suggest it a million times over you make a reservation, as they do get extremely busy. We accidentally made one for the wrong Saturday, but they were sweet enough to let us in on that particular Saturday and didn't try to rush us out.

And once again, in my unbelievable ability to attract gay men and men who want to make comments on my food...A group of gay men leaned over to check out my chocolate chip pancakes and I convinced them to buy some. I really have a pure love for this place. GO! - Jennifer

This is the kind of thing I think of when I think fondly of brunch. Yummy food that lovingly merges breakfast and lunch, a semi-classy atmosphere, and orange juice with alcohol in it. We decided to go here to discuss some book-reading with Davis and Amanda (kudos to them for picking the place), and we definitely enjoyed ourselves.

The brunch menu has a nice variety of favorites with fancy touches. We were all happy to eat actual BISCUITS with gravy that, by they way, tasted super great. Jennifer and I practically licked the plate after we ate "The Southern." The pancakes were super fluffy and sweet almost like cake and came with fresh fruit. Davis ordered the "Deep South," which was The Southern with a country-fried steak. Amanda got the French toast with bananas foster sauce. Both were heartily approved.

I think we will be going back to this place, whether we have a book to discuss or not, and you should give it a try as well. -Laurel

120 Essex St (Essex & Rivington)

Website: http://www.essexnyc.com

Payment: Cash, Cards (**cash only at brunch)

Take Out: ?

Open Late: 1 on the weekends

Delivery: no

Large Group Friendly: yes, and they take reservations.

Bar/Happy Hour: yes bar, happy hour Tues-Thurs 6-9pm

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Jonathan said...

That sounds absolutely yummy. Looks it, as well. I will say that your pictures are sinful. They make me want to slap someone. I love a good brunch and it sure seems like you guys no how to pick the places. If I lived up there, I'd definitely be eating at this place soon!

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