April 28, 2008

Smoke Joint

After a day of unusually good weather and wandering around the park, we decided we must have some barbecue. Odd craving considering where we currently reside, but we found a way. Smoke Joint was pretty busy but we waited in the ordering line and slobbered over the smells. They smoke their barbecue on site here, and they offer it a few different ways-- pork or beef ribs, "hacked and stacked" (pulled as we know it), and smoked chicken. They offer it in sandwich or plated form, along with lots of sides.

Jennifer and I both ordered hacked and stacked pork sandwiches and a couple of sides (mine included mac and cheese and barbecued beans), and our counterparts ordered roasted corn, barbecued hot wings and beef ribs. The sandwich was really very good-- the pork was piled high and moist. It had a nice smoky flavor, but definitely benefited from the kick of added barbecue sauce. The mac and cheese was pretty good, but I can't say I'd recommend the barbecued beans. They were a big mess of meat and beans and barbecue sauce that just didn't quite come together.

I will be back for the pork sandwich, and if you aren't extremely hungry it might be enough to fill you up. Don't order two sides unless you're ravenous, and the beer list is interesting. One nice thing was the owner was working and they were out of seating, so he sat us at his restaurant next door (Lil Pig) and brought our food to us there. -Laurel

This place is completely and totally 150% everything I miss about the South. The food is extraordinary - yummy sweet cornbread, pork sandwiches with mayonnaise slaw (and no one judging you for it for putting it on top of your sandwich except for one of your fellow dining companions...), perfect sweet tea, and some good old fashioned southern hospitality.

The place was packed, and considering our party was 5 people, it was hard to find a seat. The owner came over to me, without us even having to ask, and told us we could sit in his other restaurant. We went through a back adjoining hallway and came into the 'Lil Pig. This place was cute too, but much more New York. There were real plates and fancy looking food, rather than our huge portions and paper take out "baskets". Let's be honest - it was everything I liked about New York, too - including the overly snobby old ladies and gay men.

Either way - the food is perfection here (minus, of course, those unsightly baked beans. There was huge pieces of meat in them, which is fine, but they had no flavor.) Oh yeah! And one more thing I miss and love about the South, FREE REFILLS! GO and when you do, call me. I'm game. - Jennifer

87 S Elliot Place (Fort Greene, Brooklyn)

Payment: Cash, Cards

Take Out: Yes

Open Late: I couldn't find the hours anywhere.. possibly 9pm.

Delivery: no

Large Group Friendly: yes if they aren't too busy.

Bar/Happy Hour: serve beer.


Jonathan said...

Those beans sound a-MAZING!!! Maybe they'll stop making them if you tell them you guys wrote a blog about their shitty beans.

I really think it'd be interesting if you guys did a blog comparing normally Southern cuisine that you get up there to food that you've had down here. Just a thought. I'm a compare/contrast kinda guy, though.

Place really sounds good. Minus the beans, of course. :)

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