June 4, 2008

Fiddlesticks Pub

We went to Fiddlesticks one night after work largely seeking their happy hour. There aren't many places, especially outside of the LES, that stretch their happy hours until 8. So we decided to try it out.

It's a really big bar, especially by New York standards, with lots of seating, an area in the back that can be reserved and has a pool table, and outdoor seating in the front. Happy hour is only valid at the bar, so that's where we sat ourselves. Now, it just so happens we had cupcakes with us, as I had a cupcake bake-off at work that day. This ended up working to our advantage.

We each got a couple of drinks during happy hour ($4 beer and well drinks) and then ordered some food. They have a bar menu with small, cheaper offerings and bar-style appetizers. The menu covers standard pub fair (burgers, salads, fish and chips). I ordered some nachos ($11) which were huge--blue corn chips with lots of cheese, chili, salsa, jalapeƱos, guacamole and sour cream. They were also pretty tasty, and a fairly good value.

The best part was the bar aspect. The bar tenders were very friendly and reasonably attentive, and gave each of us a free drink or two after happy hour ended. Plus, one of them really liked my cupcake!

Overall, I think we'll be back here sometime after work to unwind, although we hear its nuts on the weekends. Plus, this place gets major points for everyone there being willing to try my cupcakes, and liking them! If only the cupcake bake-off had been judged by these guys... -Laurel

Okay, so this might have been a fluke, but Laurel and I decided that we should always carry around cupcakes. 1) it makes us friends, 2) it gives us FREE drinks and 3) it causes really hot bartenders to talk to us. We originally went to Fiddlesticks to scope it out for my birthday (which is in two weeks for all of those that love me) but we quickly fell in love with the workers, the food, and our fellow drinkers (who also gave us free drinks - holla!)

Irish pubs are my absolute favorite places to hang out. I don't know if it's because I love whiskey, dark lighting, and I've got freckles and red hair, or because I love the Irish in general (minus Notre Dame football. Sorry - just saying). No matter the reason, this place is definitely huge and is a great place to go eat after work. I didn't really try the nachos, but they were overloaded to the max (a good thing). Otherwise, the fish and chips were delicious and I remember loving the fries for sure.

One bad thing about this place though - I hear on the weekends it's far too crowded and the music gets even worse (the DJ didn't have "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough"!!), so it might be safe to avoid on Fridays or Saturdays. In fact, even the bartender said it gets totally crazy. But if you're down for a weekday, I definitely want to go back, just as long as we don't get lost on the way home. Is it just me, or is Greenwich Village a tad confusing? - Jennifer

Address: 56 Greenwich Avenue (at Perry Street)

Website: http://www.fiddlestickspub.com/

Payment: Cash, Credit Cards

Take Out: no

Delivery: no

Open Late: til 4am

Large Group Friendly: totally

Bar/Happy Hour: Happy Hour is until 8pm on weekdays


Jonathan said...

No man can resist a good cupcake. Bartenders are not exempt from this. So, I'm curious if this place is going to make the cut for the Jennifer Holder B-Day Showdown Extravaganza Deluxe Edition 2008. Seems like it holds up, to me.

You guys are so hip. LES this. SoHo that. It's almost like you're natives...kinda.

jennifer said...

100 percent not
didn't you read?
they don't have 'don't stop til you get enough'
if anything, that's my deciding factor


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