June 27, 2008

Shake Shack

Amy was here visiting Memorial Day weekend, and on said holiday her bus out of NY wasn't to leave until 5. We were trying to decide what to do for a few hours and three thoughts popped into my head: A burger sounds really good. The weather's so nice today. I've never been to Shake Shack.

And it was settled. We knew it being a holiday weekend and the weather being so glorious that the wait could be pretty long. But we weren't rushed, and were happy just to be outside.

...And the line was super long. We waited over an hour.

But I have to say, in this situation at least, it was worth it. But more about that in a moment. The menu features exactly what you'd expect: burgers of a few varieties, hot dogs, fries, frozen custard, milkshakes, floats, etc. The prices are fitting I think--considering the ingredients that go into it. I ordered a cheese burger with lettuce and onions (you can add your own condiments), a black and white shake, and cheese fries for the two of us to share. Not exactly "figure friendly" (or health friendly, for that matter), but it's what they do best, and for me it was a rare treat. When in Rome, right?

The burger was beautiful and delicious. It's a nice flavorful mix of meat and was cooked perfectly with a slightly crusty grilled outside and a juicy inside. The cheese was melty and the lettuce was crisp (not that shredded crap), and the onions were diced and conveniently placed on the side for custom dispersement. The fries themselves were crispy but not overly memorable, but the cheese sauce was super tasty--melty and smooth and obviously made of real, flavorful cheese. The shake was of course delicious as well, both creamy and rich.

Amy I and I were both very happy with our purchases and stuffed to the gills, but I will admit it wouldn't be worth the wait all of the time. Depends on just how long the wait really is, and how bad you want it. But man is it tasty. [Note: If you're nearby, they have a live webcam pointed at the line, so you can check and see what the wait is like. They also have a second line for sodas, floats, frozen custard and wine/beer that's for fast pick-ups.] -Laurel

Address: Madison Square Park (Madison Ave and 23rd St)

Website: http://www.shakeshacknyc.com/

Payment: Cash

Take Out: yes

Delivery: no

Open Late: 11pm

Large Group Friendly: As long as you don't mind sitting on the grass. Smaller groups can snag an actual table if you're lucky.

Bar/Happy Hour: yes--they have beer and wine

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Amy said...

Mmmm. I would love another black and white shake right about now!

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