June 4, 2008


One good thing about working where Chinatown meets Little Italy is that I'm close to SoHo, the LES, downtown, etc. The bad part is that the majority of the eats around here are cheap Chinese or expensive Italian. Let's just say it gets a little boring.

However, there are fantastic restaurants a little closer to SoHo, and we're lucky that some of them will deliver to us, like Lombardi's. The restaurant is famous for its excellent pizza, but also its long lines. I'm fortunate to be able to order from it where I work, so I never have to worry about waiting. However, Laurel and I decided to brave the lines and see how long it would take on a weekday after work. There wasn't a ton of people there, so we got in fairly quickly. The pizza is a little expensive for...pizza, but it's tasty and worth it. We got the sweet sausage pizza, and it was pretty good, but my favorite would definitely have to be the meatball pizza. It's absolutely yummy. The meatballs are soft and not overcooked with just the right amount of spices. '
And just so you know, the restaurant is a lot bigger than it looks - there is a downstairs. - Jennifer

I really, really love pizza. That is one thing that I really, really love about New York--so much good pizza everywhere. Lombardi's makes a lot of claims.. first this, best that.. it's all over their website and all over their storefront. The long lines bring big expectations!

On a weekday night the wait isn't quite so bad. Jennifer and I waited for about half an hour before we were seated. We paid about $25 for our large pizza (as she said, a little steep in pizza dollars), but I will say it was a good pie. The crust was crispy and very tasty, and the toppings were well-balanced. I was definitely satisfied after devouring a couple of slices. It is pretty similar to Grimaldi's, which has similarly super long lines and which I will have to review at a later time.

The service is decent and the ambiance is...well...okay. The food is definitely the best part, and might be worth it if you go for lunch or a weeknight when you have some time. It'd be even cooler if you are fortunate enough to live or work in the delivery area like my counterpart. - Laurel

Address: 32 Spring Street (at Mulberry)

Payment: Cash

Take Out: Yes

Open Late: Sun-Thurs til 11pm, Fri-Sat til 12am

Delivery: Yes

Large Group Friendly: Yes, but it's busy

Bar/Happy Hour: Yes

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