August 15, 2008

Pop Burger

I heard about this place from Roland and Alyson at work, and I was instantly interested. Okay, it was probably because I thought they said Pot Burger, and I was amazed at the idea. Either way, I was ready to give the place a try. It's pretty big - in the front you order from the bar and they yell your name when it's ready. There are about 10 tables, and then the back is darker and you can have table service if you would like.

Taylor and I went last night to kick off a night of adventures at gay bars and UCB. Let's just say I was a tad disappointed by the food. The burgers were tiny - like Krystal's, but the taste and size resembled the late and great SLAMMERS from Hardee's (Carl Jr.'s for you west coasters that read our blog, which would probably be no one) mixed with a BIG MAC, aka there was crappy shredded lettuce and Thousand Island dressing. The fries were great, and the onion rings were like Burger King. Let's be honest - it was a mixture of fast food with a much better logo.

One more thing - the bathrooms in the basement are absolutely disgusting, no details - just know they are. But there is a Simpsons pinball machine lurking in the corner, so it kind of made up for it. Except that you think about all the people who didn't wash their hands and were like "OH, PINBALL! LET ME PUT MY DISGUSTING POO HANDS ALL OVER IT!" and then went back upstairs and ate their food or touched their girlfriend's food or WORSE - touched your food somehow (as in, you come out of the bathroom, think wow - this pinball machine looks impeccably clean, play a game and go upstairs and touch your food, your significant other, etc.) Either way, think twice about touching the pinball machine. Just sayin'. - Jennifer

(I just realized that I stereotyped hetero-men and lesbians as the types who do not wash their hands after pooing. Please except my sincerest apologies, I did not intend to offend.)

Address: 60 9th Ave (between 14th and 15th Streets)


Payment: Cash & Credit Cards

Take Out: Yes

Delivery: Yes

Open Late: Yes

Large Group Friendly: Yes

Bar/Happy Hour: Nope! - But the Milkshakes looked...interesting

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