August 12, 2008

Food at the Brooklyn Flea

So, we've brought you one review from the Brooklyn Flea--a fab flea market with all sorts of goodies in Fort Greene--Kumquat Cupcakery. Those delightful little treats are tasty goodness, but Brooklyn Flea offers a few other options--a couple of which I tried out this past weekend.

A few notes for beginners: The Brooklyn Flea is a Sunday-only event, open from 10-5. It offers items like jewelry, antiques, furnishings, clothes, records, original art, food, and other random things. The market is outdoors and is located on the track field of a high school, but, barring a major storm, is rain or shine, since vendors are under tents. Food-wise, the flea regularly has waffles, ice cream, french food, sandwiches, cupcakes, and best of all.. some vendors from the Red Hook Ballfields.

If you don't know about the Latin American food at the Red Hook Ballfields, google it, for it will be covered in a later post. I decided that this Sunday warranted a pupusa, a thick corn tortilla that is stuffed with different ingredients. The pupusa stand offers several different variations, of which I have tried the pork and cheese and the bean and cheese, and they all cost $2.25. Bargain. Two would easily make a meal.

These tasty creations are topped with raw shredded cabbage, red chili sauce (much like an enchilada sauce for you Mexican food fans), and sour cream. Pickled jalapenos are optional. They make the pupusas right there in front of you--patting then out and tossing them on the grill. And they are delicious--a little crisp on the outside from grilling, with a tasty bit of filling in the middle. The cabbage adds more crunch, the chili sauce adds some nice flavor, and the sour cream adds a little cool to the mix. Tasty combo indeed.

The other item I tried this weekend was a chocolate chip cookie from Wanna Hava Cookie ( They offered samples, which I am a total sucker for, and had various kinds of whoopie pies (chocolate cakey cookies with vanilla, mint, chocolate or peanut butter filling) and your usual cookies, like chocolate chip, oatmeal, and snickerdoodle. I went for the classic chocolate chip cookie, of which I am a big fan, and have yet to master in the kitchen.

It was definitely a good one. A little crispy around the edge, chewy in the middle, with both milk and dark chocolate chips. I was satisfied, and would eat again. Cookies are $1, or 6 for $5. A wee bit steep if you're not buying 6, as they aren't huge, but they use quality ingredients.

So if you haven't been flea'ing, you should go! Find a bargain, and stuff yourself. Two of my favorite things ever. -Laurel

Address: Lafayette Ave b/t Vanderbilt and Clermont (Ft Greene)

Payment: Cash Only

Take Out: Yes

Delivery: No

Open Late: Nope, and only open on Sundays

Large Group Friendly: Yes

Bar/Happy Hour: Nope!

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