August 19, 2008


I have eaten at Joya many-a-times, on account of it being a favorite restaurant of my aunt's and it also being near her house. Therefore, whenever we'd visit and she didn't feel like cooking, we'd often end up here. Upon moving to Brooklyn, I continued to make the occassional Joya visit, as I did this past weekend. To sum up, 'bout time I reviewed this place.

Joya serves Thai food, including fried rice, homemade noodle dishes, curries, spring rolls, and more. The prices are one thing that bring me here for repeat visits, as most entrees are around the $7 mark, and can easily feed two people. You know what that means? Two people can eat fresh and tasty Thai food for $3.50 apiece, plus tip. Nice. The other thing that brings me back here is, as you might have guessed, the food. It's not what I think of as cheap food--it's well made with fresh ingredients, nicely spiced, and generously portioned. I'll review a few of my favorite dishes from here, two of which I had this weekend.

One thing I often order from here is the Pad See Yue ($6.95), a noodle dish with chicken or beef, chinese broccoli, egg and homemade flat noodles in a brown slightly sweet sauce. It's some of the best Pad See Yue I've ever had, and the noodles are delicious. The broccoli gives it a bit of crunch and the sauce is tasty but not overpowering. This weekend I ordered the fresh mango salad ($4.95) and the chicken spring rolls ($2.95). The mango salad has loads of fresh sliced mango, spring onions, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrot and a light citrus dressing. So summery and fresh, and really great if you love mango. The spring rolls (includes 2) are hot and crispy and come with a plum dipping sauce, and make a good appetizer.

The interior of Joya is industrial and modern, with a concrete floor and a long bar in the front. There's a good amount of seating and some garden seating in the back, but dinner (especially on the weekends, which I just don't attempt) is often really crowded, and because of said concrete floor, is very loud. That, and they have a DJ at night. Does not good conversation environment make. I'd suggest going at lunch, especially when it's nice out and you can sit out back, dinner on a weeknight (and with someone you don't really like to talk to), or their takeout/delivery is also very good. The service isn't overly friendly but pretty attentive and accurate (and by no means rude).

So try it if you're in the area. You might see me there. -Laurel

Laurel has been talking about Joya since she moved to New York (which would explain why her post is much longer than mine). Let's be honest, Thai food gives me a little bit of a scare. My stomach can't handle curry, and I'm quite the weakling, so I was extremely hestitant to eat at Joya. However, I love Pineapple Fried Rice, probably one of my favorite foods, so I know not all Thai food is scary.

Unfortunately, they don't serve this at Joya. BUT, their regular Shrimp Fried Rice is excellent and largely portioned - I definitely had enough for lunch the next day. Also, it wasn't greasy at all, the vegetables were fresh, and the balance of flavors were perfect - not spicy, but just a hint of soy sauce.

And of course, the outside patio is beautiful and perfect for a nice afternoon lounging in the sun to discuss how excellent Tropic Thunder was. No crazy bathroom stories at this restaurant - but as a warning, they aren't labeled, and unisex. - Jennifer

Address: 215 Court St @ Warren (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, New York)

Website: Yelp

Payment: Cash Only

Take Out: Yes

Delivery: Yes

Open Late:

Large Group Friendly: Yes

Bar/Happy Hour: Full Bar


Newburgh Restoriation said...

LOVE this place! We travel more than 40 mins to come here.

Sasha said...

I love Joya too! I go there at least once a month.
The glass noodle dish is divine.


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