August 7, 2008

The Smith

I've walked past tons of restaurants on 3rd Avenue that I've wanted to step into every time I decide to walk from St. Marks to Union Sq (or vice versa). However, my fear of just up and walking into a restaurant to eat stems from the fact that I'm generally poor, and am quite embarrassed when I cannot even remotely afford the restaurant I just walked up to. Generally, when this happens, I make some comment like "Oh, that food sounds absolutely horrid," or "I'd die before I'd eat steak" (both of which are generally untrue, and I love steak).

Either way, at the advice of Ryan, a few weeks ago I finally stepped into one of those seemingly expensive, "hip" restaurants on 3rd - The Smith. It's a cute spot that's a little too loud, but I dig the music so it's not annoying.

Every time I've passed this place in the past, it's bustling. That night was no different. The four of us got a table in the middle of the restaurant in no time at all though, and soon we were enjoying our loaves of bread and bottle of wine. Dinner-wise, I opted for the burger, as usual. I've never in my life eaten so much red meat, but lately, I can't seem to kick the habit.
Either way, look at that burger, could you resist that? Didn't think so (unless you're a vegetarian and the very sight of meat makes you go into convulsions...) So yummy and greasy and melt in your mouth - everything a burger should be. My fellow dining companions chose to either stick with wine, a little dessert or Char Broiled Organic Chicken in a Red Wine Vinaigraette and fries (which are delicious by the way), and I believe they were all equally satisfied with their choices.
The restaurant not necessarily that cheap (13 smackers for the burger, 17 for the chicken), but it definitely makes me less nervous to walk up to menus on 3rd Avenue and attempt a bite to eat. And on Sunday nights at The Smith you can get a burger and a beer for $12, maybe we'll do that instead of biscuits and gravy for our next Book Club Meeting...
Just as a note - the owners of this restaurant also own Jane and The Neptune Room, and expect to see me there soon for a little taste. - Jennifer

Address: 55 Third Ave (10th & 11th St)

Payment: Cash & Cards

Take Out: Yes

Delivery: Yes
Open Late: Sun-Tues til 12am / Wed & Thurs til 1am / Sat til 2am

Large Group Friendly: Yes and No - Depends on when you go

Bar/Happy Hour: Yes, with a fantastic drink menu

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