April 26, 2009

Kings County BBQ

A barbecue truck near our house? Yes, please. The Kings County BBQ truck rests on Quincy Street near Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn. We were unsure how it would taste considering the website is a little tacky, but of course, we're up to give anything a try - especially if it's barbecue.

When I called, the woman was extremely nice and explained that they were out of beef brisket, but that they had everything else. She also was patient when I made sure with Laurel that we ordered everything we needed, and they were patient when we called back to add some things on. We ordered enough to try everything.

The pork is smoked to perfection and they are very generous with their servings. The barbeque sauce is sweet with a touch of twang to it, a great compliment with the slaw, which was also sweet and had vinegar in it (exactly how I like it). I have since then ordered again, with some friends, and tried the pulled chicken. It was tender and juicy, but I prefer the pork. Our friend Davis tried the beef brisket, and it was thick cut, tender and absolutely delicious. Also, the second time around, they forgot our jalapeno cheese grits, but the guy was nice enough to go back and get them, so it was no big deal.

Definitely ordering from here as much as possible, and if you're near the 'hood, you should too. -Jennifer

The faithful Southern in me explodes all over the place when it comes to barbecue. I love barbecue, especially when done right. Pork is a magical meat. These feelings accounted for, I obviously was pretty excited to find out that there was a BBQ truck equipped with a smoker near our apartment, and that it would deliver to us. Deliver barbecue. To me. M-A-G-I-C.

We called to order and the people were super nice and let us know how long it would take. They were even courteous about us calling a few minutes later and adding on to our order. About 30 minutes later a nice guy showed up with our order and we dug in like it was a limited time offer.

The pulled pork and pulled chicken were very good-- pretty moist and flavorful, and even better with the accompanying barbecue sauce. Only complaint was that they were a little cold when they got here, but it was a cold night and they didn't seem less than fresh. Both came with slaw and pickles and a bag of chips for $6 (barbecue can be expensive in NYC, so this is a much fairer price IMO). We also tried out their jalapeno cheese grits, which were a bit thick but oh-so-delicious.

We will obviously be ordering from these guys again, I can't believe we haven't yet. If you're lucky enough to live close or be nearby when the truck is moving, you should try it out too. -Laurel

Address: Moving location, usually in BedStuy (delivers). Check Twitter/call for info.

Payment: cash only

Delivery: yes

Open Late: yes

Large Group Friendly: no, but you could order for a crowd

Bar/Happy Hour: no

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