April 22, 2009

Coco Roco

Peruvian food at its best. Filling, delicious, and cheap. Located on both Smith Street in Carroll Gardens and on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, Coco Roco offers the standards: rotisserie chicken, black beans and rice, fried sweet or green plantains, and yuca. But they also offer some different choices for those feeling a little more adventurous, such as Pulpo Al Olivo (rosemary octopus with olive sauce) or Choros Chinos (wok roasted mussels with a ginger, pepper, onion sauce). They also offer a number of other different shrimp, squid or oyster choices, paella and empanadas.

Laurel's family orders from here quite often, so we've had the opportunity to give it a try more than once. We usually order the whole chicken with two sides, which we get with two giant orders of rice and beans, and then add a side of sweet plantains. The order comes with two different sauces: one a light cucumber type sauce with a slight fire to it (salsa verde) and the other a red sauce, but actually on the non-spicy side despite its color and contents (salsa roja). The chicken is tender and juicy with just the right amount of spice, the beans and yellow rice and plantains are the perfect compliment.

The coolest thing about this place would have to be its salsa nights. They do salsa lessons from time to time and then have nights were they just DJ into the wee hours. If I had any ability to dance whatsoever I would be the first in line, but I don't. Who knows though, maybe I'll be "So You Think You Can Dance" one day...but I'll be slightly bloated because of all that delicious Peruvian food I ate to get there. -Jennifer

I have had numerous encounters with Coco Roco by way of my aunt and uncle, since we generally order one of two things when my aunt and I aren't cooking: Joya or Coco Roco. I love Peruvian food because really, what's not to love. Anyone I've introduced to this cuisine has at least like it.

I must admit I've only ever tried their delivery and takeout. I've been inside the restaurant once to pick up food, and the interior is a little cheesy but the atmosphere is still nice. They have a small area set up for music at nights and a long bar. Every time we've ordered delivery from them, they've come pretty quickly, and sometimes super quickly (in 10 minutes). The value is really great, seeing as a whole roasted chicken with two large sides and a salad is $15 and enough for four people. Our party of four also ordered a large side of plantains for $6, making our grand total $6 apiece with tax and tip, and plenty of food.

The food is nothing fancy, but is totally comforting and satisfying. The chicken is flavorful and moist, the rice and beans pair so well, and I just love love fried plantains. I also love their white-ish-green sauce (I think it probably has sour cream and cilantro in it.. I just know it tastes good in my mouth).

Try it out-- not sure about the dine-in experience, but they have music and dancing, so can't be that bad. Definitely worth it for delivery/take-out if you're in the area. -Laurel

Address: 139 Smith Street (Boerum Hill, Brooklyn) or 392 Fifth Ave. (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

Website: http://www.yelp.com/biz/coco-roco-brooklyn-2

Payment: Credit or Cash

Delivery: Yes

Open Late: Yes, open to 2am for salsa nights

Large Group Friendly: Yes

Bar/Happy Hour: Full Bar, with different drink specials throughout the week.

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