April 16, 2009


I had been to Baked once before on a rare trip in a car while on the way back from Fairway. I had a coffee, which was good, and a taste of the Sweet and Salty cake, which was especially good. I was looking for a chance to go back, and over a year later that chance came in form of Ikea+Fairway+Jennifer's parents rented a car=return trip to Baked.

Inside Baked is cozy with a bit of seating, and a long counter and glass case displaying their goods. They also have their cookbook on sale, which I will one day buy. They offer all sorts of treats: bars, brownies, cookies, cakes, pastries, etc. I ordered another coffee, a slice of their famous Sweet and Salty cake, and a couple of homemade marshmallows. The Sweet and Salty cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and salted caramel hidden in the cake and the icing. It's chocolatey and not too sweet, which is why it's so good. Each bite tastes of chocolate, espresso, and a hint of sweet and salty from the caramel. It's reasonably moist and the icing is nice and light. One piece is big enough for two (as you can see below). A definite try.

The marshmallows were perfect marshmallows. Soft, pillowy, sweet. I especially enjoyed the peppermint one, although I can't say eating just marshmallows is my favorite thing. These were excellent if you're a fan.

Baked is definitely worth the trip, especially if you're in the neighborhood. I just found out that they stock their treats at Green Grape in Fort Greene and I am stoked. -Laurel

Baked is a cute shop - one that I wouldn't mind sitting in to work on homework (if I had any) - and it's run by cute artsy types who were really nice and helpful when we were trying to decide what to eat...but it's not exactly close to a train. However, it is close to Ikea, so if you take the free ferry over and buy a bunch of Swedish things, you can carry your smorgasbord to Baked and enjoy a treat...smorgasbord. I think smorgasbord is the only Swedish word I know.

While Laurel and I always agree to try something different, I couldn't resist the large chunks of salt on top of the chocolate-y Sweet and Salty Cupcake. From the first bite, the mix of salted caramel and chocolate lifted my taste buds and made me feel better after a long day of shopping at Fairway and Ikea. My mother got the Sweet and Salty Brownie, which was even more tasty than the cupcake. My bite of Laurel's marshmallow was soft and delicious. I'm not a big fan of marshmallows solo, but I would probably eat many more of those if I got a chance.

Baked is definitely worth a try, and as Laurel mentioned, if you can't get a car, or don't feel like taking a bus out to Red Hook, definitely make a trip to the Greene Grape and give it a try there. - Jennifer

Address: 359 Van Brunt Street (Red Hook, Brooklyn)

Website: http://bakednyc.com

Payment: Credit or Cash

Delivery: No

Open Late: 7pm

Large Group Friendly: No

Bar/Happy Hour: just coffee and tea and such

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