March 15, 2009

Cake Man Raven Confectionary

Cake Man Raven is a legend in Brooklyn, and for those in the know, in all of NYC (see celebrity photos). He's know for one thing: red velvet cake. That's practically all his shop offers, and that's what they are famous for. And boy, do people love red velvet cake.

I am certainly not as big a fan as many of the die hards out there, but I can't deny liking it, and living so close I knew I had to give it a try. Multiple times upon walking by the storefront was closed, so contrary to the hours listed on their website catching them open seems to be a bit of a gamble. So when I was walking by headed to Target and I saw they were open, I had to go in and try this place out.

The interior is small and taken up almost entirely by a glass bakery case, and it was filled with big slices of red velvet cake, packaged and ready to go. Two options: with or without nuts, both costing $6 even. I got a no-nuts and went on my merry way. As you can see below, the slice was huge and the cake was definitely that distinctive red color. The cake was fairly moist with a slight cocoa taste, and the cream cheese icing was very creamy and in perfect proportion to the cake. Upon taking a couple of bites I was fairly impressed, but not wowed. After a couple more bites, I was more impressed. After eating half of that slice, I was hooked. I don't know if he puts crack in that cake or what, but it's delicious for no specific reason other than it just is. I would definitely recommend for red velvet lovers in the area-- and make sure you check out their annual parade down Fulton Street. Last year featured free cupcakes. -Laurel

One of my mother's best friends makes a to die for red velvet cake. So rich and creamy, everything is made from scratch, and she puts lots of cocoa in it, to where it looks like chocolate sauce between the cream cheese icing and the red cake. And that cream cheese frosting is absolutely delicious. I've had my mother order it for me more than once (they're so good she sells them). Therefore, my expectations for red velvet cake are rather high, but I still love it no matter who makes it.

When Laurel first moved to the Clinton Hill neighborhood, she mentioned this Cupcake Parade, and I was inherently interested, however, I was immediately disappointed that we missed it. And as she said, every time we subsequently passed this bakery they were closed, so I was even more disappointed.

So when we finally got this infamous red velvet cake, my hopes were really high. Luckily, they weren't completely dashed. Their red velvet cake is good, not great, but good. The icing was absolutely delicious, so rich you know it can't be good for you. The cake was not overly moist as I like my red velvet cake - in fact it was a touch (just a touch) too dry for me, but the flavor was delicious. I only took a few bites as I couldn't pry it from Laurel's hands (kidding - she left half for me, but I opted out). Honestly, I think the cake was only a bit dry because it was sitting in a cardboard box behind the counter with a ton of other cakes, which means who knows if it was made that day, or another day. I'd like to try it again fresh, but who knows when I'll get that chance again. - Jennifer

Address: 708-a Fulton St. (Brooklyn)

Payment: Cash for in-store purchases

Delivery: no

Open Late: Mon-Sun 9-10pm (not entirely's a gamble sometimes)

Large Group Friendly: no, unless you're taking them cake to another location

Bar/Happy Hour: no


Anonymous said...

The cake is truly amazing. The service, professionalism and organization is very poor. They don't seem to follow what is posted on their own site with reference to deposits and ordering cakes. Could be more successful with proper staffing. Cakes are outstanding. No one seems to answer the phone and when you get someone it's like you're bothering them.

Anonymous said...

I have had the opportunity to taste his outstanding confection but could not do business because of the unprofessionlism. Worst of all after discussing it with several people, that seems to be the reputation. It's unfortunate.

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