March 5, 2009


We decided to try Pequena one night on the way home, especially since they deliver to us (for future reference). The space is small with just a few tables and fairly cramped, but the mood was festive and the decor interesting to look at (as in, I don't get it, but it's shiny and colorful so I don't need to). We ordered our food to go and sat on a bench in the covered area out front.

It took a while, but there seemed to be only two girls working the phones and the tables and a couple of people in the kitchen. By the time we got home it the food was room temperature so we had to do a bit of reheating, but it was still tasty. We ordered some stewed pork tacos (appetizer size, which was two tacos with guacamole and salsa, $5) and a full order of black bean and sweet plantain quesadillas (two with cheese, rice and beans, $12).

We split everything, and even with us being ridiculously hungry we couldn't finish it all. The pork was good, flavorful although not overly tender, and was a nice combo with the salsa and guac. The quesadilla was also good, but lost a little in transport, since the crispiness from the grill was gone and it was a bit dry.

The food was fresh (when we got it) and filling and we'll no doubt be going or ordering again. If you're looking for some Mexican-ish food in the area, especially if you need delivery, I suggest you try it out. -Laurel

This night I was really craving Mexican food, and since Habana Outpost is closed until it gets warmer, I was excited when Laurel took note of this place one day when we were walking around the neighborhood. We were greeted by two nice but slightly flustered waitress/hostesses who were running around so much it took a few tries before we could get out that we just wanted our food to go. Not to mention the fact that the phone was ringing every five seconds so it was hard to get their attention. 

After we ordered, we stood/sat in their waiting area with some people who seemed to be pissed about how long they had been waiting. We heard almost the same two conversations by two groups of girls, basically saying that the food was worth the wait, so I was pretty excited to get my food. However, after waiting for 30 minutes, I started getting that same level of annoyance. When I walked in to ask if there was any hope (Lost was coming on and seriously -  we needed to get home), our food was there.

As Laurel said, it was lukewarm by the time we go home and a bit soggy, but still tasty. And for whoever reads this on a regular basis probably knows our shared love for plantains and black beans, so a quesadilla as such was an amazing thought. The guacamole was super spicy and kind of overwhelmed the sweetness, so I think next time I'll get it without, but otherwise the quesadilla was delicious. The pork tacos were quite spicy as well, but the pork was full of flavor and the salsa was unique in its own right. The best part of the tacos  were quite larger than I expected so I was really full by the end of it all. 

We'll definitely be back to this place, and order from there a lot. If anything, I know I'm going to be wanting a margarita soon. - Jennifer

Address: 86 S Portland, b/t Fulton and Lafayette (Ft Greene)

Payment: cash only

Delivery: yes

Open Late: midnight on the weekend

Large Group Friendly: no

Bar/Happy Hour: yes, 2 for 1 margaritas, M-F 12-6


Jonathan said...

It's awesome that you guys are finding more Mexican joints around NYC. I was told that it was darn near impossible to find a good one. Food looks really good.

I dare you guys to abstain from eating all food for a month. I'll give you an extra twenty bucks each.

jennifer said...

that's a great idea jonathan
i'll make sure to put in my will that the $20 i'm getting from you will go to my parents to pay for my funeral

Jonathan said...

Well, that's a bit dramatic, don't you think? Now, I'm the douche bag for making a little joke.

jennifer said...

oh come on i'm just playing

Jonathan said...

This is going to be a thing, now, isn't it?

Laurel said...

Stop bickering on our blog, jeez. Take this outside, guys.

Jonathan said...

She started it.

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