March 12, 2009

Dessert Truck

First of all, they should rename this truck HEAVEN ON WHEELS, and I seriously doubt I'm the first person to say that. As a frequenter of the St. Marks area, I've seen the Dessert Truck a few times, and always thought, "Man, I should totally try that." However, I am uncomfortable with food carts and trucks just because I'm untrusting of where they came from. Basically, I'm an idiot. The Dessert Truck is a place where good things are reincarnated into magic things. Melt in your mouth, can't get enough, MAGIC.

Okay, now that I've sufficiently made you think I'm exaggerating, let me explain. The Dessert Truck really is gourmet desserts on wheels. Everything is $5, but they're all worth every cent. This is not your normal dessert shop. Firstly, it comes from a truck (duh), secondly it's not just the standard cupcakes or cookies (still welcomed and delicious, just can't compete), and thirdly, they beat Bobby Flay on a Throwdown! for Chocolate Bread Pudding.

After perusing over their choices (warm brioche doughnuts, vanilla creme brulee, warm slow baked apples, and well, more), I chose the crowd favorite - Chocolate Bread Pudding. However, I picked the vanilla custard sauce rather than their famous bacon one. A choice I debated on, but am ultimately completely and utterly satisfied with. The first bite of the warm pudding with vanilla custard made my head explode. Gooey and not overpoweringly chocolate, the pudding glided down the back of my throat making my entire body happy. In fact, after almost getting hit by a car, Laurel and I decided that the Dessert Truck is dangerous because it would make you willingly die just because you'd be so happy at that exact second. I scarfed the rest of it down a little too quickly making sure I got every last drop which made my stomach want to explode, but I was still unquestionably happy. Next weekend I'm going to drag my parents there and I'm 100% trying it with the bacon custard.

This discovery is bad for me, because as a now patron of Yoga to the People, which is just down the street, I'm going to end up going there more often. But I'll have just burned off the calories, so that's okay, right? RIGHT? - Jennifer

PS - In the picture below, doesn't it look like a beam of light is coming out of Laurel?

I want to go to there.

That pretty much sums it up. I had just eaten a gigantic burger and still decided it was time to finally try this baby out. My life will forever be changed.. largely meaning my body mass and sugar intake. Oh Dessert Truck, where have you been all my life?

First off, the guys are really nice and happy to make suggestions. I had been craving a donut for I don't know how long and they had "warm brioche donuts" on the menu (which are really just bombolonis, but apparently people couldn't pronounce it). Everything about that sounds good. Warm... yep, I like warm things. Brioche... eggy bready goodness. Donuts... well, of course. Put it all together and you get sugar dusted, fluffy donut holes filled with a lightly sweet custard. So very delicious.

I also got a taste of Jennifer's bread pudding and it was so very good. I'll definitely be back to have either of those again or try something new, and I suggest you do the same. But beware! You might become addicted like us. -Laurel

Address: St Mark's Place and 3rd Ave (Mon-Sun, 6pm-midnight); E 55th St, just off the NE corner of Lexington (Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm), or check their website or their Twitter for their updates.

Payment: Cash

Delivery: No

Open Late: Midnight

Large Group Friendly: As many as the sidewalk can hold

Bar/Happy Hour: Nope

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Jonathan said...

I immediately regret my decision on the "20-dollar pizza challenge".

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