March 26, 2009

General Greene

Laurel found the restaurant on Yelp after diving through some other choices. Across the street from Loulou, a place our good friends Davis & Amanda like to go and we will soon try, General Greene is the kind of place I can get behind. It's in the centralized Fort Greene area, features some southern options, and had a short wait. The only downside is that it's slightly more expensive than other places.

The menu offers a number of choices, including everything from smoked trout pressed sandwiches and cobb salads to sides of mac & cheese, candied bacon or a ham and gruyere bread pudding (which was tempting). Or you can get what I was most excited about - a three-egg skillet, filled with your choice of sausage gravy and a biscuit, or chorizo, zucchini, and chickpeas, or blood sausage and apple, topped with creme fraiche, among a number of other options. Laurel and I immediately decided to get the 3-egg skillet with sausage gravy and a biscuit ($13). Normally we try to get something different to share multiple opinions, but we couldn't resist the urge of sausage gravy. And boy was this gravy smooth - with chunks of sausage and the right amount of pepper, and a big thick biscuit to soak it up. Honestly, I expected more of a scrambled egg as opposed to them just cracking three eggs in a skillet and was perhaps a little unwelcome to the fact that it was slightly crusty. Overall however, it was a nice balance. Our dining companion decided on the skillet with blood sausage, apple and creme fresh (pictured below). He seemed rather satisfied with his choice as well.

General Greene overall has a nice light to it, with a majority of the walls being windows, and the wait staff is somewhat attentive. Granted, when we got there, a couple decided to get up and leave after only ordering water because they had apparently been waiting so long. We didn't have that problem. And there was a little boy in there who was playing with dinosaurs, and then started pretending to be a dinosaur, stomping around and growling. He was the best kid ever.

If you are in the neighborhood and the mood for a slightly different approach to brunch, check out General Greene. -Jennifer

General Greene is a place I've read about multiple times and have made many-a mental notes to eat there one day. The stars finally aligned and we went for some Saturday brunch.

There was a short wait, but we were there at prime brunch time. Our server was cute and friendly and reasonably attentive. As Jennifer pointed out, the menu has a nice range of options, and I need to try to the ham and gruyere bread pudding for my life to be complete. They also have a bar and featured on the board above were fountain floats. The skillet (as seen below) was pretty delicious, but too freakin hot to eat upon arrival. And for about 10 minutes afterwards. And being me, I was too hungry to wait, and therefore blew on each bite repeatedly and lightly burned my mouth.. repeatedly. But according to the tastebuds that were not too singed to taste, it was pretty delicious. The sausage gravy was very good, and the biscuit wasn't bad either. The eggs were a bit overcooked, but not terribly so, and all of it together tasted comforting.

I will be back to General Greene to try some different options and different meals. The space is nice and airy and the atmosphere is relaxed. They have some moderately priced, comforting options that have the potential to keep me coming back. -Laurel

Address: 229 Dekalb Ave. at Clermont Ave. (Fort Greene, Brooklyn)

Payment: credit, cash

Delivery: no

Open Late: til 11pm

Large Group Friendly: Yes, I would say so

Bar/Happy Hour: Yes

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Taylor said...

that looks delish. mail me some.

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