March 2, 2009

Luzzo's Restaurant

Luzzo's Restaurant is Casey's favorite pizza place (see him above, almost hopping up and down in his seat with excitement), so we thought we'd give it a try. We got in super quick for a Saturday night. I was feeling quite lousy, and pizza actually sounded like the last thing I wanted to eat, so I decided to opt out of this one. However, when the pizza was placed in front of me, I couldn't say no. Look at it. Doesn't it make you hungry?

It wasn't the best pizza I've ever had, but it was old school, with a real coal oven and a wait staff that was quick to get you in and out (so quick in fact, that they took Laurel's and my plate when there was pizza still on the table). The ambiance was nice and homey, even though the owners kept yelling at the busboys.

My dining companions chose two large pizzas - the Salsiccia (tomato, mozzarella, sausage and basil) and Casey's personal fave, the Diavola (tomato, mozzarella, spicy salami) for $22 a piece. I absolutely loved the Salsiccia, and I wanted to eat more but I knew I would get sick. The sausage was ground and spiced just right (but not spicy). It wasn't what I expected it to taste like and I was at first disappointed, but then I realized the taste was better than I expected. I wasn't a big fan of the Diavola, but I could see why it's a crowd favorite in theory. I believe I'm not a spicy salami type of gal.

Definitely try this pizza. It will not disappoint. - Jennifer

PS - Their website is total crap and has a really weird comic book strip with a guy with a mask on that probably has some historical significance that I don't know about, but I started to like the song on it after a few minutes.

Luzzo's was hopping (it was a Saturday night), but we were seated fairly quickly. The menu boasts several different options that should please most anyone, including an arugula pie that is supposed to be excellent. We opted for all meat on this particular evening (yes, I made that call).

Our waitress was a little unusual (she was dressed like a gypsy, and never smiled) but attentive enough, and the pizza came out quickly piping hot. The four of us had no trouble polishing off two large pies (if Jennifer had been in top condition, and I hadn't been going to an event with free food, it might not have been quite enough. But we're quite the eaters). The bus service was a little too attentive, and they kept looking for things to swipe off of our table.

The crust was nice, firm enough all the way through that it didn't buckle, with just enough weight and a smoky flavor from the charcoal. The toppings made just the right mix of crust, sauce, cheese and meat. The sauce could have been a little more vibrant for my taste, but overall it was good eats. I don't think it's my favorite pizza in the city, but it's a solid contender for some of the best I've had. It isn't cheap, but quality pizza in this town almost never is, and is usually worth it. Because you're worth it. -Laurel

Address: 211-13 First Ave (b/t 12th and 13th)


Payment: credit, cash

Delivery: yes

Open Late: 11pm

Large Group Friendly: sort of. They take reservations

Bar/Happy Hour: yes


Jonathan said...

I dare you guys to abstain from eating at a pizza place in New York for, let's say, a month. If you hold out, I will give you each twenty bucks. I, as a Webb gentleman, will expect you to be honorable about this.

Great review, though. So specific with the taste of the food. You know how to describe some shit!

jennifer said...

a) i think we definitely eat more dessert than pizza
b) i could describe my shit all day long
c) i take you up on this challenge.

Laurel said...

um... um...

a month?

Jonathan said...

Here's the key: I feel that I SEE more pizza reviews than I do dessert, but I could be wrong.

I know you can describe your shit all day long, Jennifer. I wasn't specifically saying your shit, though. SOME shit is what I was going after. Glad my challenge has been accepted.

Laurel, this is easy. I've given you guys so much wiggle room, it's not even funny. But, hey, if you're too chicken (insert "Arrested Development" chicken impersonations here) then that's cool. Money stays in my pocket.

Laurel said...

There are 6 reviews with the tag pizza. There are 8 with the tag dessert shop.

Fine, you're on.

Jonathan said...

Well, I stand corrected.

Challenge has been accepted by both parties. Let the games begin!!

jennifer said...

you definitely left a lot of wiggle room. we can't eat AT the place.

didn't say we couldn't take it to go.


Jonathan said...

Yes, I know.

I'm such a nice guy, aren't I?

Amy said...

You guys are cracking me up!

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